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How does one perform a total body detox in one hour? Turns out, it's totally doable. I needed to see for myself what all the hype was about at Ildi Pekar’s Wellness Studio, located in New York City.

Two questions I initially had: what is detoxing with “alkaline therapy” and who is Ildi Pekar? Ildi is the mastermind behind her 49th Street wellness oasis. A lovely and kind soul and so very real about embracing skin and body care as a form of healthcare through customized facials and advanced body treatments using fresh products, like, raw honey (me too). She opened her wellness studio 11 years ago, but she’s been treating the body and skin for over 20 years. Incredibly humble, this celebrity esthetician hails from Budapest, Hungary, which Ildi happened to mention is the spa capital of the world. Self-care and spa-culture is highly prioritized in Hungary – she brings this fine European care to NYC in combination with her love and passion for wellness to heal and treat the skin and body in a thoughtful way that is clean and holistic + using the best of modern technologies for stellar results aka, a more radiant version of your already amazing-self. I hung out for nearly two-hours after my treatment, I didn’t want to leave the magical space she’s created – Ildi and her exceptional team are so welcoming (space included)— it truly felt like an escape from this bustling city I call home.



When I first heard of this so-called “alkaline therapy” treatment, I needed no convincing. I drink alkaline water after all, so, clearly this was a must-do. I was excited to experience this treatment – I strive to eat clean and embrace the Sakara lifestyle. I’m mindful of what I put in my body, make self-care a priority, and I’m religious about my skincare regime, but I’m always hunting for new methods to cleanse my body and detox– this treatment provides just that. It’s widely popular in Europe, but not so much here in the states, (at least not yet!) so I felt quite special to receive this elusive treatment that detoxifies your body of its acidic buildup...more on that later.

You can’t be shy when receiving this treatment. You strip down to your birthday suit and a electrolyte gel with vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, is applied to your entire body, face included. Once you’re gel’d, you step into a life-size clear-elastic-pouch and shimmy your way onto the treatment table. The life-size pouch reaches your neck and a clear glass ‘space-like’ helmet is placed over your face, but there’s plenty of room between the actual glass and your face – I did not feel claustrophobic at any point and this really kicks the alkaline voodoo into full gear. Next, you do nothing but relax for the next 60-minutes while cool oxygen fills and inflates your alkalizing bubble and helmet. I also enjoyed a Hungarian White Light (LED) which has all the colors in the spectrum overhead my glass bubble to assist in amping my glow-factor even more. In 60 minutes, through a very futuristic contraption, the mind and body is exposed to incredible healing powers.



To refresh, being alkaline means your pH level is neutral – not overly acidic and not too low; your body needs to have a happy alkaline medium in order to function at its best. High levels of acid in the body can cause inflammation – digestive issues, sickness, and visibly, we see these signs on the body in the form of cellulite, skin pigmentations, and even fine lines. It’s challenging to keep our body in a healthy alkaline state because our acid levels are affected everyday from lack of sleep, stress, poor eating habits – even things like, fluorescent lighting, cell phones (sigh), and computers create positive ions – Ildi explained, that it’s these positive ions that cause inflammation in the body and increase acid levels. Because daily life affects our pH level, it’s important to keep our bodies in check and realign every now and then, so we can feel our best and stay healthy (and glowing) because let’s face it, we aren’t ditching our cell phones. It’s vital we take the appropriate steps now to take care of our bodies through healing treatments, such as, alkaline therapy and nurturing our bodies with thoughtful foods and mindful meditation. The treatment generates water based negative ions to neutralize the positive ions. Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy,” says Pierce J. Howard, PhD and author of, “The Owner’s Manual For The Brain.” Basically, negative ions can make us feel like we are walking on air, which sounds divine.

Benefits of the treatment include:

  • exposed to large doses of oxygen
  • reduces inflammation
  • decreases hunger cravings
  • your body feels more balanced
  • neutralizes acid levels
  • balances the bodies pH level
  • increases energy levels and decreases stress and tension within the body
  • feel lighter physically and brighter – more clear minded
  • reinforces collagen production for youthful, firm, and glowing skin
  • reduces appearance of cellulite (hello, summertime!)


I experienced this treatment at the same time I was participating in the Sakara Level II Detox (sign-up today, btw. The next Level II Detox kicks-off July 16th). It was a luxury to coordinate the two. I was experiencing minor detox symptoms when I received the treatment, but I definitely felt lighter, clear-headed, and generally, more at peace post-treatment and my skin, especially around my hips felt tighter and looked firmer. It completely de-bloated me and my skin was glowing for days, actually— more like weeks. I’m sure the Sakara Level II had something to do with it, too, but the treatment was wonderful and relaxing and certainly amplified the detox results. I felt great; my energy was high and it was comforting to know I was doing my body some serious good on the inside and realigning its pH level with where it should be. It has been nearly six weeks, since I received the treatment and completed the Level II Detox and I have never felt better. Sometimes hitting the reset button is all your mind and body needs. A little self-care goes a very long way. 

Ildi is an absolute wealth of knowledge and aside from offering this detoxifying treatment; she specializes in facial cupping, crystal-healing facials and uses CBD oil infused products that she creates herself. She’s pure magic. Below she shares some of her favorite products and her AM and PM skincare rituals, as well as her favorite guilty pleasure in the kitchen.


What are your skincare rituals?

Ildi Pekar: I use everything in my line and my skin loves me for it! In the morning, I tone my skin with my I PEKAR Toner with eye cream and moisturizer before I leave the house. At night, I cleanse, tone, mask, and go to bed with either my CBD Serum or CBD Sleeping mask to keep my skin glowing the next day.

What’s three products you can’t live without and recommend for everyone?

Ildi Pekar: My CBD Serum for sure! I love a good SPF, so I alternate between ColoreScience and Coola, and last but not least, I can’t live without my Hungarian Thermal Water Tonik!

Favorite guilty pleasure when you’re letting yourself indulge?

Ildi Pekar: Nutella Crepes :)


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