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A Love Letter From G+L

You guys, it’s November.

How did that happen? Were we not just talking about tonics to cool off with? Our favorite summer products? Heat waves? Rose?

Apparently that was over three months ago, and a lot more than just the weather is starting to shift. Have you felt it? There is an increasing energy that feels electric, powerful, a little uneasy, but at the same time very exciting. It's Scorpio season, holiday season, hot chocolate season, stay home on a Friday night with a good movie and a good person season. A time to notice the shifts happening around us and say "cool, you move around as much as you need to, my feet are firmly planted on the ground, I'm not going anywhere". 

It also so happens to be an extremely interesting time in the world. We’ve said it before (and we'll say it again), but now more than ever the idea that ‘the future is female’ is a real, tangible thing. The shift we have been feeling is decidedly feminine. The time to be a woman is an exciting one. We are leading the world in ways in which we have never before. We're doing it all, handling our lives, families, and careers with compassion, emotion and pure love. We are kicking ass. As rulers of the sun, we are shining our lights, raising the temps, and creating growth like never before. 

In honor of the ultimate creators, primary caregivers, and goddesses of love that we as women are, we are focusing November on the ideals of Love, Sex and Companionship. We'll be talking about love languages, the meanings behind how you wake up in the mornings, sex practices for your astro signs, boosting libidos, you name it. We'll also be featuring even more kick ass women like photographer Magdelena Wosinska, exploring DJ Chelsea Leyland’s journey through overcoming epilepsy, announcing exciting new contributors, and so much more.

The other big announcement for this month in love is our partnership with Amanda Chantall Bacon and Moon Juice! We're pairing Moon Juice Beauty, Sex, and Power dusts with Sakara’s nourishing meals, so that the next 3 weeks are ones that are navigated smoothly and easily. We'll be supplementing these programs with exclusive S-Life content around the morning routines of our co-founders, Whitney and Danielle, Amanda Chantall Bacon’s Kundalini practice, and lots of functional, healing, delicious recipes. 

Get excited. Get ready. And be prepared to get vulnerable. 

With love, 

Your S Life editors, 

Lianna + Gabby

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