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Building Your Solid Foundation, One Wall At A Time

This month, we are dedicating 30 days to complete body x mind x food x spirit transformation . This second week's focus is on full mind transformation led by the miraculous mentor, coach, meditation and yoga lead, Ally Bogard, whose "commitment is to teach in a way that helps one become a clear vessel through which Higher Power can move for the service of others." Ally is both light and love and the force in which to help build our individual foundations, one wall at a time. Today we are sharing little gems of wisdom she shared with us, as told exclusively to S-Life Mag.

  • “As women, we learn how to set our boundaries with other people: you can come this close to me. You can and can’t touch me that way. I can give you this much time. When we're older, it becomes less about the way we externally set boundaries and more about our inner non-negotiables.” 
  • “Walls are awesome. They build us structure. I don’t want to be this boundary-less, free, disembodied, wall-less person…I love my grip, I love my friction, I love the places inside of me that are small and limited because at least it gives me something to do.”
  • “I’m listening more carefully to my walls are you actually trying to keep me safe? Is this an appropriate defense that is there, saying this may not be our home?”
  • "I'm not encouraging “hold on,” I’m encouraging “hold”. I think there's a lot of power in being held, in our weakness, our vulnerability, our sadness, and the place where we are separated. There's a holding that I believe heals. Let me just hold a space for that, let it be a part of me that I accept, and while holding it, let me make a new choice that I don't want to be run by it."
  • "Change is scary because change is death. We were designed to hold the position we were in yesterday—physically, mentally, emotionally.”
  • I try and hold the patterns I've developed close to me and say, ‘You kept me alive. Thank you. I totally honor you. Thank you…I don't need you to be in hyper drive. I’ve got this as an adult human with agency. Let me just hold you tighter until you know that you're okay’.
  • “The definition of health and the definition of balance and the definition of freedom are all the same to me – they are all the capacity to make a choice based off of what I want - so I will always feels free.” 

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