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Beauty Secret Shortcuts

Ever wondered what it takes to truly get the glow you've always been looking for? And no, we aren't talking about any quick-fix/over-the-counter wonder pill, lasers, lights, or fancy machines you've seen on tv. There is an actual science to getting the hair, skin and nails that you've always wanted - and guess what? You don't have to look much further than your very own kitchen (or organic produce market...)

Below we've created a fool-proof guide for your website bookmarking purposes to refer to any time you need a beauty boost.

It's time to 'get glowing':

how to get clear bright skin - sakara life - slifemag - beauty

how to get a smooth youthful complexion - sakaralife -slife mag- beauty

how to get strong hair and nails - sakara life - slife mag - beauty

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