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Body Talk: Lily Aldridge

A woman's relationship to her body is the most intimate one she'll ever have. BodyTalk is a chance for women to inspire other women to love their bodies more than ever. We each have unique bodies, and unique stories to tell. Here, we will be telling ours, in faith that you will be encouraged to tell yours. 

When we collaborated with Lily Aldridge on an exclusive week-long program to get our Sakaralites feeling GOOD in their bodies for the holidays, it opened up the opportunity for Lily to share how her relationship with her body has evolved over time. Where her insecurities have laid. And what helps her feel sexy.

So without further hesitation, may we introduce to you, The #SakaraBodyTalk of:

Lily Aldridge, Model

How has modeling affected your relationship to your body?

Modeling has always made me prioritize being in shape and healthy, which I'm so thankful for! I really enjoy eating well and being in the best shape I can be in.


How has motherhood affected your relationship to your body?

Motherhood changes everything! It make you feel so strong and powerful! 


When do you feel sexiest and most powerful in your own skin?

When I'm on the beach having fun with my family! Sunshine always makes me feel happy and healthy. 


Have you ever felt bad about your body or wanted it to look/feel different? Is there anything in another woman's body that you've always envied, or adored? 

Even the most beautiful women in the world may have or have had insecurities too!  Of course there are always times in life when you wish your legs were longer, or your hair was straighter, haha. But the older I get I realize how beautiful it is to be an individual and be yourself! 


Whats your relationship with food like? Is food for function? Pleasure? Torture? All three?

All three! I'm such a foodie! When I'm training for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show I definitely change to cleaner, healthier foods. Having Sakara meals delivered to me makes it so easy to be healthy! But as soon as the show is over, I'm not gonna lie, I will be indulging in pizza, burgers, etc. Life is all about balance!


Knowing what you know now, what would you tell your 17-yr-old body?

I was always comfortable in my body as a young woman! I would say 'You go lil cutie!!!' 


What does Sakara means to you?

Sakara is a lifestyle! It makes eating healthy so easy. I'm constantly on the go, working, traveling, being a mom! It's so nice to have Sakara during my busiest moments to keep me feeling strong! So thankful for it!

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