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Bring Eden Inside With Your Own Herb Garden

Remember summer? Oh, you must—it wasn’t that long ago! Remember sunbathing at the park or the beach, toes digging into warm sand, drink in hand with a beautiful view and your favorite people nearby?

Even though we’ll have to look upon June, July and August with a wistful sigh, we could not be more excited about the grounded nature and revolutionary shift that is fall. It may mean we cozy up indoors a little more than frolic under that feverish sunshine, but we Sakaralites never let nature leave our radar. We just change the rules a little bit, and let the gardens and the jungles and all the greens come to us.

Bottom line: we love indoor plants. But how do you give your Eden the best TLC when it resides on a teeny piece of real estate on your window ledge or fire escape? We’ve narrowed it down to five herbs that are happy to grow in a pot in your apartment (no backyard necessary). Best of all, they have the power to enrich your cells just as much as they enliven your space. Ancient cultures the world over have used herbs for their medicinal properties, and when we are lovingly crafting meals, we aren’t stingy. So, get a little dirty with this DIY—we swear you don’t even need a green thumb.

Mint: Mint julep and mojito season may be taking a hiatus, but this cooling herb smells incredible and grows without trouble indoors—even if you have about as much sunlight as a coat closet. Add it to water with some lemon slices for a refreshing infusion.

Chives: Related to the lily family, these hardy perennials make amazing garnishes to anything that calls for fines herbes (think roasted veggies or omelets).

Cilantro: Autumn is a lovely time for turning over a new leaf with a detox—not of the hangry, liquids-only variety, but one that cleans and rejuvenates the liver and G.I. tract using the power of food as medicine. Cilantro is a powerful heavy-metal detoxifier, meaning it helps alleviate the body of all that's weighing you down.

Rosemary: The intoxicating, woodsy scent makes rosemary a prime candidate for your autumnal herb garden. Containing trace minerals, iron, potassium and an abundance of B vitamins, we consider this one a must-have and relish its flavor in vinaigrettes and roasted root vegetables.

Tarragon: Considered a culinary champion in French cooking, tarragon is praised for its medicinal powers for everything from female health to toothaches. Its unique taste profile makes it a fun addition to your newfound spice arsenal.

Next, buy some pretty planters from special spots like here or here—ooh here too! Make sure to reap the benefits of your harvest, bless your plants aloud (and often!) and jazz up your most basic dishes with their splendor. Kissing summer goodbye never tasted so delicious.

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