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Camille Fields, Restorative Skincare Therapist

With over 20 years in the industry, Camille Fields is wholeheartedly the authority for luminous, stunning, well-nourished skin. She marries the hallowed brand, Biologique Recherche, with the latest in skin diagnostic tech— all with the approach that the greatest glow starts on the inside. With a wealth of knowledge, holistic view, and gentle nature, Camille's the skincare pro that has us floating out of her office with the most zen of grins and only this to say: she's amazing. 

We discuss with the mother, esthetician, and skin whisperer her best practices for inner/outer radiance with 3 key steps. Hint: H2O is at the top of her list. 


Can you share your journey of how you came to be where you are today?

Looking back, I had an interest in caring for my skin at a very young age. I remember asking my mom to take me to our local drug store to buy a mud mask to use, the night before 6th grade! In my early 20's, I worked as a receptionist at a skin care salon and decided to pursue my esthetician's license. It has truly been one of the best decisions of my life.

What are some rituals you practice that help keep you balanced? 

I am a huge believer in self care. I give a lot of myself to clients, my children, etc.. It is so important to receive some of that back. I love a bath with candles, while listening to my favorite artists. I also love taking care of my skin, so whether I lay under my LED light, use my remodeling machine, or even just mask a few times a week, taking that little time for myself makes me a better esthetician, mother and human.


Can you shed some more light on your philosophy that you can heal your skin from the inside out?

What we use topically is certainly important, but it is only part of the puzzle. When a client comes to me with issues such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis, melasma etc.. you have to look at what is going on inside. It is only by looking at the source that you can truly address the problem and achieve long term results.


What drew you to Biologique Recherche products? 

My sister (whom I adore), is also an esthetician. She worked with Biologique years ago and it was then, that I first learned of it. I watched it over the years and the more I learned about it, the more I knew that it was the skincare line that I wanted to work with. Theirs is a very specific methodology that really resonated with how I believe the skin should be cared for.


Biologique is such a hot topic company right now. What is your advice for people interested in using the products? 

First and foremost to seek out a Biologique partner in your area(if possible). It can be a bit complex in the beginning, so you want to be sure you are using the best products for what we call your Skin Instant(or condition of your skin at that time). There is a reason why Biologique Recherche, created over 40 years ago, is probably more popular now than it ever has been. It simply works.


Where does your passion for skin health + vitality come from?

They are both interconnected. When your spirit is healthy and thriving, your skin naturally reflects that. Skin care is constantly changing and growing. Keeping myself educated on the most innovative techniques and technologies for my clients, is what has kept me passionate for the past 20+ years.


What are the top things that are inspiring you right now?

I am honestly most inspired when I receive feedback from my clients, that their skin has never looked better, or how empowering it is not to have to feel the need to wear foundation. 

Holistic skincare is a huge industry right now. How have you been able to stand out among your peers? Why are you the go-to woman? 

There aren't many estheticians that take an inside/outside approach, where my philosophy [emphasizes that] one can't exist without the other.

Can you share with us your morning and nighttime beauty routines?

Oh boy, it changes daily. The Biologique philosophy is really about adapting your routine to what your skin needs on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. There could be one day when I'll use certain products in the morning, but completely change it up at night. 

How does food play a role in how you take care of your skin and body? 

I try as much as possible to eat as local and organic as I can. That is when I feel my absolute best. I've also tried to instill in my children the importance of supporting our local farmer’s markets and the difference eating quality food makes in our bodies and our planet.

You take care of so many people; what are your favorite self-care treatments and ways in which you can heal and indulge yourself?

I regularly have massages, manis and pedis. I also love getting together with girlfriends for a bite and to catch up on life.

People, women especially, feel very emotionally-tied to their skin. How do you feel like you're helping heal people on multiple levels with your treatments?

A client recently shared her story of cystic acne on Instagram and how her skin has completely changed since seeing me. So many women direct messaged me, sharing that this too was their story and how they have tried everything from antibiotics, to prescription topicals, with little to no success. My heart went out to them and although my clients share their own personal struggles with their skin, that we work through in my salon, this was the first time that I experienced such a massive wave of what really has become an epidemic. A lot of those women lived in other parts of the country, so although I could not personally see them, I tried to offer any advice that I could and also helped them find practitioners in their area. 

What changes have you noticed in your clients both emotionally and physically since you’ve treated them?

Clearer, radiant, firmer skin that makes them feel more beautiful than they already are. 


Ok, let’s talk about another buzz worthy topic: micro-current. Why do you swear by this treatment? What changes have you seen? 

Ah... micro-current..by far my most favorite technology. I have worked with it for over 10 years. What I love most about it, is that it works with the electric current that runs throughout our own bodies, giving immediate results that never cease to amaze me. Biologique’s Remodeling Face Machine, produces gorgeous results and can be used on most skin. It is very healing and reparative, so it benefits clients looking to age beautifully, as well as those with conditions such as acne and (mild) rosacea. The skin is left firm, lifted and glowing. Consistency is key, with most of my clients coming in every 3-4 weeks to maintain the results.


Do you have any thoughts on plastic surgery? Botox? Fillers? 

That is a question I'm asked often. It is not my first choice, but I always tell clients to do what makes them happy, but please, please do your research and choose your practitioner wisely (there are some scary faces out there).

If there was one (or maybe 3) things that all of us could change or do in order to nourish our largest organ and help keep it at it’s healthiest, what would that be? 

Drink plenty of water (preferably with Sakara Beauty Concentrates), keep your gut healthy and seek out skin care products and treatments that are as clean and pure as possible and most importantly, nourish your soul.

Are there any practices or teachings you share with your children and family when it comes to skin and self-care?

My children are 12, 14 and 16, so skin care is very important to them. I've taught them the proper way to cleanse their skin and apply serums and creams (when needed). I love going into their rooms at night and seeing them with a mask on their face while they're reading or watching a show. We also go together for foot massages (be careful what you start ;) ).

Can you share your best advice on aging for the modern day woman?

We are so fortunate to live in a day and age where there are products and treatments that truly change the skin and allow you to be your best version, but at the end of the day, you have to love yourself and be accepting of who you are (even if that includes a few wrinkles).


What do you want your legacy to be, and how do you wish to leave your mark on the world?

More than anything, I want to be remembered as the woman who raised kind, caring human beings that made a positive difference in this world. 


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