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The S Life Guide To Crystals For Ultimate Body Balance

The Law of the Universe can be boiled down into one simple, and yet incredibly difficult to maintain Truth: it’s all about balance, baby.

We MUST balance the elements of existence in order to maintain harmony, happiness, and that one very inspiring reason that we’re all here for — health. We MUST balance the elements of yin and yang, darkness and light, masculine and feminine, stress and relaxation, togetherness and solitude, work and play. Mother Nature wants to help us! She wants to heal us! She wants us to enjoy the contrast of life — both the really hard work and the really hard play — and all along, she wants to tonify us, nourish us, and keep us operating in harmonic balance with her rhythms and with the Universe at large.

One of our favorite ways to balance out the contrast of a busy, modern lifestyle is with Mama Earth’s healing crystals. Decorated throughout our office, our homes, and adorned all over our bodies, the endless power of crystals transcends the spirit and grounds the body for a visibly beautiful balancing-out experience. Here are a few that you can pretty much always find us working with:

  • TURQUOISE is believed to be the energetic bridge between the astral plane and the earth. Since ancient times, turquoise has been utilized for it's protective properties and as a communication tool for speaking truth from our highest source of self-love. Turquoise is used for self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and the release from the illusions of guilt or regret. Turquoise encourages us to honor ourselves as a Divine tool of creation. It is also known for relieving physical exhaustion, annihilating depression, relieving stress and centering us in the heart. 
  • BLACK TOURMALINE is a seriously magical, psychically and physically protective stone. While ridding of all negativity, darkness and pain, black tourmaline works first with the energetic body to calm stressful emotions, while secondly working with the physical body to alleviate deep tension and mental stress. Black tourmaline is incredibly grounding when held in the left hand during meditation. It is also known to amplify your organic pheromones and act as an aphrodisiac for those in need of extra sexy time. 
  • LEPIDOLITE is the stone of sweet calm, trust, acceptance, and surrender. It has a strong relaxing affect for those feeling overly anxious and resistant to what the present moment provides. Lepidolite is also the stone of transformation — helping the body beautifully glide through the harder transitions of life, all the while enhancing virtues of patience and optimism.
  • CELESTITE is such an angelic stone! It helps us to foster more intimate relationships with our angels and supportive guides. Holding a celestite in the left hand during meditations is known to clear out communication channels between the brain and the intuition. It helps to block out any unnecessary mental fuzz that may be clogging your ability to take intuitive action. 
  • CITRINE is a wonderfully joyful, bright stone. It is also known as the Prosperity Stone, as it is said to manifest success and abundance in all pillars of life. In addition to that, citrine enhances the energies of generosity and gratitude. Citrine clears negative energy, enhances the lightness of the physical aura, enhances awareness, and makes for excellent dream recall when placed next to your bed (or under your pillow). 
  • SHUNGITE helps to detoxify and purify the physical body. In fact, Russians have been purifying their water with shungite for centuries! It also acts much like an antioxidant (due to it's unique molecular structure containing "fullernes"). Shungite is a powerful protector against EMFs, so be sure to carry one in each pocket while flying high. Shungite works to align the subtle particles of the body and connects us to the vibrations of Mama Earth, even while surrounded by endless electronics and wifi receptors.
  • CHRYSOCOLLA is also known as the Stone of Communication, as it's very essence is said to enhance personal expression, empowerment, and teaching. Chrysocolla similarly provides a peaceful energy to a stressed out body, reminding us that everything is in it's exact right place and that we are safe to show our sensitivities and communicate clearly how we feel. Chrysocolla strengthens our unique character and encourages compassion for every living thing, reminding us to speak lovingly (and with empathy) to everyone that we come into contact with.
  • AMAZONITE works like a gentle river in purifying the spirit and calming the soul. It is known for tempering aggression, enchanting delicate awareness, and taming irrational thoughts, actions, and words. Amazonite is known as the Stone of Truth for it's empowerment in speaking the truth with upmost sincerity. It re-aligns all the chakras of the body individually, and to each other. Amazonite is a powerful prosperity stone and used in shamanic work to wake one up to the abundant possibilities for creation that their own creativity holds.
  • KYANITE holds a very high vibration, aligning us with personal aesthetics that will be uniquely healing for each of us. It is a stone of remembrance for the purity that we came from and acts as a receiver for brand new paths in life. Kyanite may be used to get out of static ruts and transport us into a brighter future than we never knew could even be possible. This stone is all about frictionless flow and reminding us how to move through life without resistance, and in complete surrender. 
  • MOONSTONE has a watery vibration that guides us through tumultuous emotions, connecting us with our Divine intuition and integrating us the gravitational pull of the moon. Moonstone balances these emotions while producing states of reassurance and peace. Moonstone opens the third eye to receive answers to the most confusing of our questions. It's a great manifestation stone to work with during full and new moon ceremonies! 

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