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Green. The color of life. And it makes sense. An abundance of plant greens are the single most important part of a diet to build a healthy microbiome, strengthen an immune system, support healthy weight loss, increase energy, boost mood and libido, and reveal clearer skin. In short: to feel more alive in every possible way. It’s why six cups (or more) of leafy greens a day is the cornerstone of Sakara nutrition. The other advantage of plants is that they naturally deliver the protein the body needs to build and heal. Greens like kale and cauliflower, for example, contain around three grams of protein per cup. So what about the days when life intercedes (read: kids, working late, pizza)? 

Our new Organic Protein + Greens Super Powder is a great ally on days when you want or need to squeeze in some verdant food. It is actually a full serving of greens that you can add to any meal or incorporate into a variety of dishes, from breakfast to the all-too-common mid-afternoon slump. Whether a morning smoothie or a crispy, crunchy cracker, your body will thank you for the splendid nourishment you are giving it in truly satisfying ways. 

Coconut Berry Protein Shake
A delicious morning (or anytime) smoothie combines iron-rich spinach, antioxidant-filled blueberry, sulfurous cauliflower, libido-boosting maca, and skin-loving coconut. It’s finished with our grain-free plant protein source mixed with alkalizing grasses and algae. 


Super Power Protein Bites

These energizing bites dressed in bright green, yellow, and deep burgundy feature energizing matcha and bee pollen, quercetin (one of the planet's most potent antioxidants), and cacao nib gems, a mineral-rich option to satisfy a sweet craving.


Spicy Green Protein Seed Crackers

Everything you eat is an opportunity for body-loving nutrition, snacks included. Make use of the pulp from your green juice and transform it into grain-free, seedy protein crackers. These are easy to make, plus deliver a very satisfying crunch. The toothsome texture comes courtesy of seeds like chia, pumpkin, flax, or sesame.


Minty Green Smoothie Bowl

A rainbow-drenched dish is nutritionally powerful and doubles as an edible art project to make at home. To fulfill your daily dose of greens, enjoy this bright bowl of spinach, avocado, and mint, balanced with sweet banana and a drizzle of Detox Water Drops


Vanilla-Cashew Dream Cream

With all of the homemade baking going on, why not have something delightful to spread on top? Healing foods deserve to be as pleasurable and this cream ticks all of the boxes. Slather it on a slice of banana bread, pancakes, or pair with apples and berries.


Chocolate Almond Butter Protein Smoothie

This rich, satisfying smoothie contains grain-free plant protein, fiber, chlorophyll, folate, potassium, and an array of micronutrients and minerals. With a flavor profile of nutty banana, we love this recipe for banishing brain fog and helping the skin glow.


The Signature Sakara Smoothie

We had to include one last blender wonder. It's got all the essentials and is delicious as is, but feel free to take creative license with your flavor profile. Try adding in a handful of berries here, a pinch of cinnamon there...anything that inspires you. 



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