We've rounded up a band of driven, grounded, gorgeous women that fuel their passions by incorporating clean, nutrient-dense foods into their diet, and Whitney Tingle is definitely one of them. Whitney, a co-founder of Sakara Life, relies on body-loving nutrition to keep her mind sharp while running a demanding start up. She stays balanced by eating leafy greens, hemp seeds and healthy fats every day -- and because of that, she never hesitates to grab a slice of pizza and glass of wine with her best girlfriends. She lives by the mantra, "you are what you do most of the time", and it seems like whatever she does most of the time is definitely working for her. 

Name: Whitney Tingle/ @whitneytingle

Age: 31

Location: NYC

Day job: Co-founder/Co-creator of Sakara Life

Night job: Co-conspirator with my husband, Itay

Morning routine: skincare and taking my vitamins is part of both my morning and night routine, I feel off the whole day if I don't do it.

Night time routine: I like to make a cup of Sakara Detox Tea as a nice way to wind down

I eat clean by: I make sure to order my Sakara meals each week so that I don't have to stress about making sure I'm eating enough clean veggies and leafy greens in my diet. I don't like to focus on what I can't eat, but just focus on making sure I get enough of the good stuff in. I believe it's a clean to dirty ratio and you want to be more on the clean side than the dirty side. Sakara makes it easy and worry free for me.

I play dirty by: Eating out with my friends, BBQ-ing in the Hamptons -- and skinny dipping in the pool!

My motto in life is:  Live life to the fullest!

Song of summer: I Feel it Coming - The Weeknd

Go-to cocktail: Margarita all the way

70's or 90's: 70's

Signature nail polish color: French manicure

Go-to clean food: Sakara Youth & Beauty Salad

Signature smoothie ingredients: Spinach, blueberries, banana, almond milk, hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, maca, dopabean powder from Sun Potion

Cheat day food: Pizza!

Favorite wellness product/ritual: I like to play my harmonium and sing Hare Krishna



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