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Find Your Guru: Tiffani Robbins, Bari

Seeking a better-body guru to lengthen, strengthen, tone and help you totally OWN your own manifestation powers? S-Life's got your back (and, your ever-getting-better booty). In Find Your Guru, we introduce you to some pretty incredible men and women across the country, all here to train your unique body in whatever it is that it loves to do, as well as give you the tools to live your sexiest, most loving and creative life imagined (because, after all, that is your true nature).

There's no harm in asking for a little help,so without further ado, may we introduce you to Tiffani Robbins, of Bari Studio


What’s the Bari method, and what makes it unique?

Bari is... a workout unicorn — truly unlike anything else out there. Composed of three elements we mix and match, dance, trampoline and toning, it's an addictive hybrid workout formula that delivers unparalleled results, makes you feel good (those endorphins!) and keeps you coming back for more. The formula is what sets it apart and I think the fun factor is what makes it addicting. The workout is no joke, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We bounce on trampolines, dance and — even when we’re toning — move to the beat of the music. We create workout experiences that our clients look forward to.

What would you say that most people come to you to achieve?

Most people come to bari to have a good time while they are getting a killer workout. Anyone who steps into bari instantly becomes a part of the bari tribe and that sense of community and love is what makes us special. Specifically my clients come to me to get a kick-ass workout in a super laid back setting.


What are some misconceptions around the Bari workout?

We are not a barre workout and we are not just a trampoline workout! Bari is a very fluid formula that works for everyone. Bari will adapt to you while you adapt to bari. Love cardio and don’t want to do a toning class? Take our cardio classes. Intimidated by the trampoline? Take a class that doesn’t involve one. You tell yourself you’re not coordinated? Start with toning! Once you fall in love with the way we move, you’ll start falling in love with yourself and believing in yourself and what you’re capable of. You’ll feel strong enough, physically and mentally, to go outside your comfort zone and try something that you thought would intimidate you at first. The important step is to commit to the studio and community, everything else will happen organically and you will enjoy every second of the journey.


Which area of the body is your specialty?

Booty. I love feeling my glutes work and I know my clients do too!


What are three words that describe a workout with you?

Challenging. Sweaty. An experience.


What’s something that you get from Bari that you can’t get from any other method?

Teaching your mind to engage when you are working out through mind-body connection. It's something that benefits everyone no matter what you do in life. Needless to say, bounce is the best! Its a killer workout and because it is very low impact, you can really push and challenge your body while having a really great time.


What's your signature move?

The plank and plank variations. I think planks are one of the best moves you can do in a workout. It immediately raises your heart rate as you are using your whole body - core (abs and back), arms, glutes and legs even!


How involved are you as a trainer?

As a head trainer at Bari, training is my life. I love the intimacy and individuality of privately training clients (who often become friends) as well as the energy of teaching group classes. I am lucky to absolutely love the people I work with as well as the clientele. I also love training myself! Not only do I enjoy teaching fitness, I love working out. This allows me to connect with clients and our mutual need for fitness.


What foods do you eat to fuel your workouts and what do you stay away from?

Hi, my name is Tiffani, and I'm a coffee addict... I always need my coffee before a workout. I also rely on protein and healthy carbs to get me through. In the morning, oatmeal with a mashed banana, almond butter and walnuts is delicious. I also try to keep raw almonds with me at all times and an all natural protein bar, I try to stay away from gluten because my tummy doesn't like it so much, as well as added sugar. In the past year I have changed my eating habits by choosing to eat clean and whole as much as possible, and learning to read labels always. That sugar is sneaky, guys! It's in so many things!!


If you could train one person in this world, who would it be?

Shaun T from insanity... I want to get him on a trampoline!


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