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Ghee + Bone Broth: The Sakara Stance

You know what makes us giddy? A spiritually transcendent meal. Sounds like a tall order, but our obsession with nutrient-dense, superfood-filled splendor helps us serve up heart-expansive eats on the daily.

Creativity is a cornerstone in how we cure this hankering, as we pull from ancient remedies and teachings to propel our minds, bodies and spirits to their highest echelon  yet we always find ourselves coming back to the earth and her harvest (you can’t fix what’s perfectly majestic, au naturale!).

But what about — gulp animal byproducts? Usually ones to waltz past the dairy aisle and skip the butcher altogether, we have found two special exceptions to this habit in an opportunity for spiritual transformations and plenty of aha healing moments. While many animal products contribute to acidity in the body  leading to oxidative stress, weight gain, chronic illness and dull skin  ghee and bone broth do quite the opposite. We’re talking practices that lubricate your insides, electrify your organs, and invite unending radiance from head to pinky toe. You in?


For eons, cultures have declared their own archetype of beauty and gone to great lengths — often at the expense of their own health — to attain the “it” factor. For brighter eyes, as an example, people would squeeze in some lemon or orange juice drops. Ow?? On the other end of the spectrum, many eastern cultures found power in the land and utilized it to heal themselves, like the Hindus. Though the cow is sacred and not to be eaten, the golden liquid, or ghee, that results from clarified butter was prized as a delicacy to reach another dimension of spirituality. The science also speaks volumes: made up of medium chain fatty acids, ghee is burned up by the liver to use for energy and not translated into adipose tissue. Remember, we love good fats because our brain is made up of 60% fat and craves it to keep us inspired + creative. Ghee also contains butyric acid, short-chain fatty acids that reduce overall inflammation and heals the GI tract. Throw in the fact that ghee offers some of the highest doses of antioxidants and vitamin A around, and you’ve got a butter that’s hard to believe. Spread it on thick, babe!


Have you heard of your microbiome? If you aren’t dialed in to why gut health is the holy grail to hotness, inside and out, check out here and here ASAP. You’ll learn that the acidity of processed foods, excess estrogen from chemically-laden household products and makeup, and continual stress from engaging in 2016 life wears down your GI tract to no end. Bone broth, however, counteracts this destruction thanks to collagen. Collagen is the connective tissue in animal bodies, and it’s a popular syringe cocktail for women who crave the ultimate pout. But if you take a food-first approach and consume broth, you’re privy to benefits like glycosaminoglycans and hyaluronic acid to support your ligaments, arteries, joints and tendons. All the acidity wears on every part of your bones and can steal calcium from your blood, creating weakness and susceptibility to breakage and curvatures in the spine. Plus, gelatin heals the lining of your gut. And finally, collagen translates on the outside as lustrous hair, radiant skin and strong + striking nails. Bottom line: you get a dancer’s bod and mermaid hair. Get. Excited. When consumed responsibly and ethically, this practice is the next-level healing that can enrich every Sakaralite’s wellness journey. P.S. when the temps drop and you’re in NYC, check out Brodo — they created a drive-thru model of this ancient practice.

Remember the stale food pyramid of yore that barely put fruits and veggies (and greens, greens, greens) on the map? Now, you know how to turn that meal into a spiritually transcendent experience. This is beyond trendy: this is practically in our human DNA.

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