Eat clean (and feel the results) on your own schedule and budget with the 10-Day Reset. Shop now

Eat clean (and feel the results) on your own schedule and budget with the 10-Day Reset. Shop now

TOTAL BODY RESET: An exclusive four-week program designed to invite transformation into all areas of your life. Learn More

TOTAL BODY RESET: An exclusive four-week program designed to invite transformation into all areas of your life. Learn More

We present our gift guide series, each focused on a different area of life to nurture and celebrate— whether it be tending to home, discovering ways to “play dirty,” or focusing on self-exploration. Allow these gifts to shift and unlock something new for the recipients: adventure, joy, empowerment, energy, freedom. 

We invite you to come back each week, explore, and find your flavor of love to share. 


Plants are powerful. They can transmute your energy and moods, and alchemize in the body to heal and elevate. Barbari feels the same, which is why they’ve formulated organic, food-grade blends to change your frequency and quiet the mental chatter. Our favorite, “car sex,” is a mix of libido-stimulating herbs like damiana and wild dagga blossoms. Enjoy in an herbal tea infusion, smudge like incense, or roll into a CBD joint for a “playful lift off.” 




No garish euphemisms here—Necessaire’s Sex Gel gets right to the point as a sleek personal lubricant compatible with latex and forgoes fragrance to avoid irritation. Designed in a sleek, white dispenser, the giftee could display this on their vanity without blushing. 




Encourage someone to find their signature, sultry pout with the perfect red. Ilia’s highly-pigmented, long-wear formulations—which are vegan and gluten-free—moisturize the lips with castor, apricot seed, and mango seed oil, to boost elasticity and keep your pucker plump so the wearer can unleash their Hollywood siren fantasies. Or, up the ante and give a whole face worth of glam with Ilia’s award-winning skin tint serum, liquid chromatic eye tint, and a buttery multi-stick for lips and cheek to adopt an all-day orgasmic flush. 




Developed by a real-life couple—one half of which, is a drummer for live experiences of Taryn Toomey’s The Class— this intimate journal helps twosomes empower each other and discuss sex with an honest heart. The book is a mix of personal accounts, prompts, and poignant advice from licensed therapists, ready to push the boundaries of your pillow talk. 




Helmed by the sensuality expert and designer, Jennifer Zuccarini, Fleur du Mal is all about celebrating a powerful woman who owns their femininity with abandon. Manifest more of this palpable energy with artful, provocative underthings like embroidered balconettes with nude lilies, bright fuschia garter belts, and high waisted thongs for an ultra flattering fit.




For the lover who lives for the thrill. Hani Avital, founder of Shelaah, is unyielding in her pursuit to expand pleasure in all its forms, so she created this box designed to activate your senses. Inside, one might find a sensual poem, an original piece of art, custom fragrance, and a series of private coaching sessions from Hani herself to become an expert in tuning in and turning on. 




Take Kegels to the next level with these jewel-toned pelvic floor beads from Lelo. Worn discreetly throughout the day, these weighted balls will strengthen your muscles, leading to bladder control and better orgasms. Best gift ever? 




Gummy candies that don’t rock your blood sugar, mess with hormones, or cause a skin breakout? Found. Behave has created the ultimate, nutrient-dense miracle chew. These gummy bears, in sweet and sour, skip the crazy color dyes and high fructose corn syrup (and work with chefs over food scientists!) to create delightful flavor with lychee and passionfruit. Plants prevail, once again. 



If you want to give a bottle of booze, make it beautiful, small-batch, and bask in quality. Our picks include this cherry punch, fermented rose dubbed “acid freak”; single-estate, organic Blanco tequila from Solento (that also happens to arrive in a limited-edition box, to save you a step); a six-month subscription to a mix of red, white, and sparkling biodynamic wine from Dry Farm; or virtually attend a blind wine tasting with friends and lovers courtesy of Napa’s Matthiason. And for those not imbibing, deliver a non-alcoholic aperitif from Ghia, the chic earthy botanical bitters. Pair with a wedge of citrus, sprig of rosemary and splash of fizzy water.




We champion balance at Sakara—and if the holiday season brings you an abundance of food and activities that veer away from your regularly-scheduled programming, have no fear. Swing back into nutrition synchronicity with a Level II: Detox program, the 5-day expert level, whole-food cleanse that rids the system of toxic buildup, inflammatory triggers, and pathogenic microbes like Candida. Many Sakara clients swear by a quarterly dose of Level II to nix guilt while they live their lives to the max, year-round.

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