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Group Text: What Are Your Travel Rituals?

It's safe to say that the fast approaching end of summer (sorry, had to say it) has us super inspired by all things travel right now. We know where we're going, we know where we want to go, and we're as excited about the journey there as we are about the margs in hand once we land.

Last week, I took a ridiculously long flight, and as uncomfortable as it may have been, it made me realize something: I have some pretty steadfast travel rituals, and didn't even realize it until, well, now. Whether it's a short domestic flight, a long ocean haul, or a road trip upstate, I always always pack the front pocket of my backpack with Lavender essential oil, a palo santo stick and matches, one packet of Lypospheric vitamin C, one packet of Lipospheric B-complex, one pyrite crystal and two pens (because, just in case). And when flying, once I'm through security, I go straight to the nearest vendor to buy two one liter bottles of water, and peruse the book aisle for anything that strikes my curiosity (I rarely buy, but always look). 

So, I'm eager to know: what are your travel rituals? Is there something you always prepare beforehand? What do you buy (nibbles, thirst quenchers, pretty pages of brain stimulators?) when you get to the airport? Is there one thing in particular that you just cannot get onboard without?

Let us know in the comments below!

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