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How to Successfully Mercury Retrograde

Warning: Mercury Retrograde is upon us and planning to stick around for three whole weeks. But fear not: we've put together a little how-to for you to get a grip on what this cosmic event actually means, why everyone is seemingly freaking out, and what you can do to keep your cool. Welcome to the Great Communication Crisis of 2016.


WHAT’S HAPPENING? The smallest planet in our solar system, Mr. Mercury, has gone all retrograde on Earth dwellers.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? As Mercury rounds the bend, he appears to stop and spin backwards. Emphasis on appears. He doesn’t actually go backwards; it’s all an optical illusion. This happens three to four times a year, and is often referred to as the great Communication Crisis.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Don’t get frustrated when your texts aren’t going through, calls are mysteriously dropped, flights are significantly delayed, etc, etc, etc. It’s going to happen, so you might as well prepare accordingly and just… breathe through it.


DO take this three week opportunity to become more conscious of your communication, travel, and technological habits.

DON’T start anything new. The great Communication Crises is no time to first sit down and write that novel, buy a new computer or car, sign a new contract (at least not before you read, and re-read, the fine print carefully!).

DO get uber organized and back everything up ahead of time.

DON’T take things personally when someone you thought was trustworthy seems to be doing you wrong. Assume that they’re still taking your well-being to heart and doing the best they can during this time, just as you are.

DO tap into the influence of Mercury Retrograde’s theme of Re: Renew, review, revise, repeat, rethink, re-read, re-do, re-evaluate, re-examine, renovate, revamp, reunion… you get the picture.

DON’T be quick to judgements or anger, and remember to take a deep breath before going off on impulse.

You can do this! Don’t play the game. Remember, we’re all in this together.

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