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How to Take Care of Your Yoni

Yoni (Sanskrit — योनि ): womb; sacred space; vagina; the symbol of the goddess Shakti.

Your yoni is your center for creation — literally and figuratively. Literally, it is the space in which you birth new life, and figuratively, it is the space in which your momentum for creative expression is sheltered, churned and lit up for radiant inspiration and spontaneous creation. If you are a woman, you are so blessed to be able to house these magical powers.

Your yoni is a dynamic system — an entire unique universe of its own. The vagina has its own pH, microbiome, ecosystem, and inherent safeguards to maintain a healthy equilibrium of the aforementioned, despite being susceptible to unfathomable amounts of daily invaders that can throw it out of whack. The health of your yoni is altered by stress, diet, what (and who) you allow to be put on (and in) it and fluctuating hormones. Mother Nature did not intend for your vagina to have visitors whose presence leaves you overly stimulated or sick.

So, what does a healthy yoni feel like? On a very spiritual level, a healthy yoni should have you feeling inspired, sexy and connected to Divine Love from a very rooted, grounded place. On a very physical level, a healthy yoni should have you feeling juicy all over, energized from underneath and smelling rather delicious (almost fruity). A healthy yoni should also take your whole body through a monthly moon cycle of balanced hormones, clean discharge, and un-clotted, un-painful bleeding. Your yoni is intelligently designed to handle outside destructive influence. All that you have to do is show her some holistic daily care. Here are our favorite ways to do so:



  • Jade eggs — The practice of jade eggs (or yoni eggs) has been around for thousands of years, originated by the queens and concubines of ancient China. The practice of jade eggs is said to clear stagnant vaginal energy, protect from unwanted energy, stimulate chi to circulate through all chakras, revitalize reproductive organs, enhance sexuality and sexual receptiveness, balance the hormones, prevent nerve decline, heal the bladder and uterus, heal past physical and energetic traumas, awaken feminine power and increase overall pleasure in life. Be sure that you’re purchasing real gem yoni eggs, though! This is your sacred space — don’t fill it with fakes.
  • Yoni mudra meditation — Meditate on your yoni by sending her fresh oxygen, protection, healing and love. A great daily yoni meditation can take just five minutes — sit in silence, legs crossed and hands in yoni mudra hovering in front of your ovaries. Breathe consciously and deeply, sending protective energy to that center of your body — focusing on the ovaries and the vagina. Continue until she feels full, fresh and lit from within.
  • Vaginal probiotics — Probiotics are not just for your tummy wall! Your vaginal wall could use a healthy helping of good bacteria, as well. Garden of Life makes a great plant-based Vaginal Care capsule with 50 billion probiotic strains. If you’re looking for something heftier, consult your naturopath or gynecologist for a vaginal insert capsule — they will know what’s best for your unique system.
  • Keep sex sacred — You deserve to be discerning of who you let into your most sacred space. Like any art, sex is not perfect — it never will be. But sex should always feel sacred, respected and creative. Anything that feels manipulative, guarded, or insensitive is certainly not a safe, sacred space. Protect the energy of your space of creation by only fueling it with the energy of those that love it as much as you do. 
  • Eat clean, whole foods! — Last, but most certainly NOT least — eat clean, whole, organic foods, all life long. Since changing our diet from whatever, whenever, to plant-based, organic, whole fruits and veggies, one of the first things to balance out and show us love is the health of our hormones— and our vaginas. Clean, whole foods keep things vibrant and balanced down under. It may be science, but it’s as simple as as Sakara Chocolate Cardamom Waffles.


  • Douching / Vaginal steams — Douching and steaming interferes with vaginal pH levels by reducing its acidity and setting you up for frequent bacterial infections. A healthy vaginal pH lingers around 3.8 to 4.5. If you’re experiencing a serious need for vaginal deep cleaning (i.e., you’re itching, feeling the onset of a UTI or experiencing a strong odor) do not douche or steam! These quick fixes will only mask your symptoms. By throwing off the balance of your pH, douching also upsets your vaginal microflora.
  • Washing with soap every day — Keep your yoni clean, but not too clean! Give her room to breathe and regenerate — she’s nothing like the skin on your face that needs to be washed every single day. Gently wash the outside (not the inside!) of her every couple of days with clean, pure products like Unscented Dr. Bronner’s, Earth Tu Face, or Intelligent Nutrients.
  • Skipping your annual gyno appointment — Definitely do not skip seeing your gynecologist at least once a year, twice a year if you’re experiencing frequent complications or infrequent periods. Get that pap smear, as well as any other tests that your wise doctor recommends (such as an HPV test).
  • Ignoring an onset issue — Ignoring early UTI symptoms (or anytime things feel off) can quickly lead to kidney infections, liver infections and other serious conditions when not taken care of in a timely manner. If you’re experiencing real pain or discomfort, please do see your doctor and take his or her advice to nip the bad bacteria before it gets out of control.
  • Using toxic tampons — Are you still using toxic tampons? Why, why why? With the myriad of organic options we have today, don’t make excuses for your yoni anymore. Give her what she deserves that time of the month— ultimate cleanliness and holistic care. Diva cups are a total game changer. So are Thinx, Seventh Generation, NatraCare, The Honest Company…the list goes on. Find and use what feels most comfortable for you.

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