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I Woke Up Like This

Do you wake up feeling groggy? Stiff? Foggy? You may assume that the way you feel upon waking is just normal morning stuff. However, a bit of research proves otherwise. The desire to down coffee before your eyes open fully is a message from your insides, and one you should listen to. Instead of  accepting your state of discomfort, it’s time to wake up to how we wake up. It's time to start tracking how you feel in the morning, because it happens to be your body’s way of telling you about its overall state.

Read on for intel on some common morning feels and what these tell you about your body.


Groggy: There’s nothing worse than waking up consistently groggy, especially if your roommates or partner happen to be cheery, naturally energetic “morning people.” For me, the solution has always been to seek coffee quickly and avoid humans, but this does not a pleasant morning make. Unfortunately, waking up groggy actually means your body’s adrenals are out of whack - due in part to the very coffee so many rely on to help you wake up. If you haven’t read up on adrenal fatigue, now is the time. Caffeine stimulates your adrenal glands, aka your fight or flight response. Over time, this causes your adrenal glands to burn out, actually leading to fatigue. Your morning grogginess is likely telling you that your adrenals have had it. It might sound counterintuitive to drop the stuff that wakes you up, but weaning off of it will make you more naturally energetic upon waking. Ease out of coffee consumption and into natural energy with morning meditation and exercise.


Stiff: Waking up somewhat stiff is quite normal. Our bodies have been resting in place, and it takes a bit of movement to really get your circulation going in the morning. There is, however, a bit of a tipping point. If you’re waking up stiff, there’s a good possibility you need to get moving, in general. Combat this by exercising daily, even if just for 20-30 minutes. According to the National Fibromyalgia and Pain Association, stiffness might also be caused by eating too many simple carbohydrates, which cause weak muscles and bad posture. Cut back on complex carbs (looking at you, white bread) and get moving!


Thirsty: It goes without saying that waking up thirsty happens to all of us, and is why the Sakara Life program includes water to drink before and after waking. Our bodies naturally go without water for hours while sleeping, so it’s nothing to be alarmed over. However, waking up feeling parched is often a clue that something is going on with your thyroid.

Excessive thirst is, in general, a sign of an overactive thyroid. Fear not if you wake up feeling a bit thirsty, but if you’ve noticed a change over time in the level of discomfort, it’s time to visit your doctor and have your thyroid checked (something all women should do routinely, regardless).

Bloated: Waking up bloated is an interesting one. It might just be the first reminder that you ate late night pizza after a fun night on the town. Hey, it happens and is nothing to beat yourself up over. Remember, the Sakara Life is all about balance! However, waking up bloated is also your body’s way of quite obtrusively and annoyingly telling you much more. Most likely, your your bloat means you need more fiber to get things moving down there. Sakara Life’s meals are packed with fiber-full fruits and veggies which are the most natural way to ease constipation. In addition, your bloat might mean it’s time to tone down your salt consumption. Overconsumption of salt, especially later in the day, causes water retention and thus, bloating.

It's time to wake up, flawless.

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