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Let's Talk Laxatives...

“Feeling the flow” everyday is an important part of feeling healthy and energized, as the elimination process is an integral piece of your body  when toxins exit the body, you are sprightly, lithe, and vivacious. So let’s talk about it, shall we? The truth is, whether you cop up to it or not, absolutely everybody has a sure-fire method of helping them go when they need to go. But, what happens when you suddenly can’t?

There’s a lot of controversy in the wellness universe when it comes to coffee. Many folks cling to it like a morning lifejacket not only for its flavor and caffeine superpowers, but for the other ritual it affords them: a clockwork bowel movement. And if that doesn’t work? Well, there’s about an entire stack of old magazines’ worth of bizarre methods to ensure the flow  some totally holistic, and some not so much. One in particular that we’d like to address is the slightly controversial trend of popping laxatives.


The Going Gone Wrong:

When you feel bloated, or backed up, you may (more than often) turn to laxatives to coax some fluidity in your delicate GI tract. If you’ve experienced this, then you know that laxatives work as a stimulant (just like coffee) for the colon to help you get rid of waste, while swelling up the intestines, encouraging the bowels to move quicker than gravity’s all-natural speed. Unfortunately, while you may feel that you’re ridding the trash and toxins of your insides, and getting closer to nabbing #summersixteenabs, more than likely, the majority of what’s exiting you is water from the organs, not to mention the mucus of the colon, which is something so, so essential for a strong immune system. The continuous use of this “cleaning-out” method will, pretty immediately, weaken your immunity, inflame the GI tract, and dehydrate your cells. In addition, overconsumption can make the colon become “lazy” and in fact, worsen digestion altogether.

Not to be dramatic, but this spells out disaster for your insides. Dehydration is a sure-sign of aging and flat, lifeless skin, not to mention energy depletion and whacked-out blood sugar levels. And even though mucus in the colon sounds anything but sexy, it is ESSENTIAL for daily detoxing and keeping the body working as one whole, lean, and #ThoughtsToThings making machine.

So, what’s the real equation for ensuring smooth digestion and the airy, effervescent feeling we all so crave?



So many fitness feeds read like this: protein, protein, and #moreprotein. Though that particular macronutrient gets tons of hype, kale actually has more iron and calcium than steak! And truth be told, we don’t need more protein: we need more fiber. Fiber is what excess estrogen latches onto in the body, so that we don’t experience unnecessary fat, or tumor growth. Fiber is what is abundant in the leafy arugula, kale and spinach dominating a Sakara lifestyle. Fiber is what fuels our bodies at the cellular level, and feeds our microbiomes the good kind of bacteria, so that we become the lightest, brightest beings possible. Think of it this way: the more fiber you eat, the more bikini selfies you will be lusting to take. It’s sultry, simple math.



One of the pillars of the Sakara Life is to “Eat Your Water” and oh babe, do we stand by that! The more that your food offers bioavailable nutrients  as in, the sooner it was plucked from the ground or yanked off of the tree  the more water content is present for your cells to slurp up. That’s why we elect to pass up on the menagerie of processed fare out there; they're about as dehydrating as it gets! Now add in laxatives, which suck up the water content in the GI tract and deplete the microbiome, and your digestive system has to work ten (or more) times as hard to keep you juicy all over. Water is crucial to the digestion process, as it requires plenty of lubrication to carry your food from beginning to end. Plus, for maximum absorption of nutrients, you need water to aid in sopping up all the good-good for every organ and bodily process.



As Sakaralites, we’re alllll about taking it to the next level. When we crave to enrich our repertoire of preventative measures for optimal health and wellbeing, we’re not opposed to giving the colon a bit of gentle, cleaning hydrotherapy. While there are some processes that make like a washing machine and swirl both your bad and good bacteria to create microbiome mayhem (eek!), the soothing and non-invasive protocol for hydrotherapy is different. Paired with a nutrient-dense diet of colorful vegetables, water, fiber and superfoods  you know, Wonder Woman meals like Sakara — a little colonic irrigation can help dispel years of pent up waste from a diet rich in the junk food of yesteryear. This method is not harming to your inner-ecosystem in the way that laxatives can be.

Working to become independent of harsh disruptors like laxatives, and embracing the true power of clean, whole foods, is an honest-to-goodness life changer. For weekly meals of hydrating and fibrous plants, explore the majesty of Sakara Life, delivered to you with so much better-digestion l-o-v-e.

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