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Meet Djuna Bel [Video]

Hey guys!

My name is Djuna Bel. I'm a wardrobe stylist and health and beauty enthusiast living in Los Angeles. I'll be passing through here on the regular to share my journey through health, wellness, beauty and the occasional musing on a passing obsession. 

Today, I am sharing my morning tea routine. It's hardly a 'tea ceremony' of the ancient tradition, but a ritual of its own, nonetheless. 

I gave up coffee a few years ago, and by ‘gave up,’ I mean don't drink it religiously in the morning, but when I want one I have one ;). If I still need a little caffeine pick me up I make the following for myself:


Djuna's 'Naturally Caffeinated' Tea Tonic (Check the video below!)


As for my vitamin routine, I usually switch it up, but my morning, 'no fail' supplements are always: 



I often also add a tablespoon of Flouradix for iron since I was anemic as a kid and I can usually feel when I need a little boost.  Plus, the taste is super nostalgic, so it gives me a warm sense of comfort.  A bit like Proust and the Madeleine ;)


Well, that concludes our segment on the ritual of the morning tea. Please feel free to comment with anything you're curious about or dying to try. I'm happy to be a Guinea pig!

I'm also curious about what products, treatments, healers, etc... YOU'RE all raving about.

Thanks for watching!!

Djuna xx


Meet Djuna Bel! from Sakara Life on Vimeo.

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