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“I’m still always so surprised that people are okay with just feeling...okay.” A common refrain from co-founder Danielle DuBoise, because surprisingly, it’s an all-too-common reality. Most recently, Danielle shared this bit of wisdom at the launch party for Sakara’s new 10-Day Reset kit, in response to co-host Daphne Oz’s question about the product’s origins.

And it's true. Too often we walk around feeling imbalanced, overworked and exhausted. We are prone to pour all of our energy and care into our families, careers, and relationships, but so often we wind up with nothing left for ourselves. The end result? We sacrifice our own health.  We are living, but are we thriving? We are happy, but are we blissful?

At Sakara, we know that it's within our power to change this. To feel better, stronger, more confident and more productive—and it all starts with what we eat. Which is why we created a whole new way to live the Sakara Life. Meet The 10-Day Reset: all the tools you need to reclaim your health through the power of food as medicine—in your own kitchen. 

The 10-Day Reset is a collection of exclusive recipes and essential products that will hit your personal reset button and replenish your body from within. For 10 days, you’ll prepare clean meals that flood your system with plant-based nutrition, eliminate the toxins that are bringing you down, deeply hydrate and remineralize your cells, heal and rebalance your all-important gut and create loving daily rituals that will bring your mind, body and spirit into balance. The result? You’ll finally look and feel like your best self.

For the first time, we’re putting the power of Sakara nutrition in your hands with 20 nutritionally-designed recipes that our very own chefs have spent over a year developing, crafting, testing and fine-tuning, so that you can create the same Sakara magic that we deliver nationwide from your very own kitchen. Recipes nimble enough for a novice chef but sophisticated enough for the most refined palate, all crafted to help you build your best body from the inside out.

The 10-Day Reset also includes seven functional Sakara products to nourish your body and optimize your results. High-quality probiotics will keep the microbes in your gut happy and balanced so that you can feel happy and balanced. Our best-selling Beauty and Detox Water concentrates will deeply hydrate your cells, ease inflammation and eliminate toxins from your system. Energy and Detox Bars, with 10g of plant protein and superfood ingredients, will keep you energized when you're craving a snack between meals. Caffeine-free, herbal Detox Tea will support your body’s built-in cleansing systems and beat bloat. And our brand-new Protein + Greens Super Powder will give you everything you need for glowing skin, abundant energy and exceptional focus in one convenient packet—just blend into our signature Super Powder smoothie or mix with nut milk.

The secret to feeling better than okay—better than you ever thought possible, in fact, is in your gut. Studies show your gut microbiome—the trillions of bacteria in your belly—controls everything from your digestion and immunity to your complexion and how many calories you absorb from food (really!). The healthiest, most beneficial strains of bacteria thrive on plant-based foods, and the makeup of the gut microbiome changes within hours of eating. That means it doesn’t take long for you to stop feeling “just okay” and to start experiencing the life-changing benefits of a clean diet and lifestyle: clearer, brighter skin; less bloat; better moods; more energy; fewer cravings and so much more.

Whether it's your first foray into healthy living or you just need some support getting back on track after time away, this kit contains everything you need to start feeling your best in 10 days. These products will not only recalibrate your system physically, but will inspire you to make yourself and your health a priority. Build a body you love living in, so that next time someone asks, you can tell them, "it's amazing feeling amazing."



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