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Moon Watch: Full Moon in Sagittarius + Summer Solstice!

Happy summer solstice, lovers! As of 6:34pm EST today, June 20, we welcome the official onset of summer — and for that, I think we deserve a massive celebration. We survived the winter! And it’s time to let go, absorb the life-giving energy of the sun, and allow it to light our inner fire of love and manifestation. Today’s sun and full moon illumination is bringing forth the patterns within our personal psyche’s that need more awareness, some re-wiring, and some letting go of. Do you feel a bright future up ahead? Of course you do, because it’s your birth right! And at this moment in time, you may be witnessing more pieces of your puzzle come together than they have in recent months (or years). Embrace this illumination, bask in the beauty of the bigger picture, and give ample gratitude for every little piece as you witness it click into place.

Traits Amplified: Fusion, radiance, gratitude, relationship, compassion, care, celebration, initiation

Questions to Ask: What daily patterns are no longer serving me? What elements should I be making more room for in my consciousness? Do I feel a separation between myself, and something that I love? How can I go about bridging the gap between the two? Am I judging myself too harshly? What can I do to let those judgements go?

What to Go For: As counter intuitive to celebration as it may sound, do your work with full force today, and maybe stay at your desk little later than usual — give your complete awareness to the tasks at hand, and show up for your (however highly tedious) work. The sun is out today for longer than any other day of the year. Tap the balance point of of your ambitions by tackling them head (and heart) on, and yet, by always keeping both feet fused with your inner fire of creativity and kooky dreams. Sit down, dream it out, make it happen — don't forget: you are the one in control here. You can make anything happen, it’s just a matter of fabricating those thoughts, into things. Creation is on your side.

What to Watch Out For: Duality — let it go. Bridge the gap. Connect the dots. Take this long, powerful day to get creative and color your bridge with as many psychedelic rhinestones and complex patterns as you desire. That bridge is your balance point, your life, your very reality. There is no separation between this side of the overpass, and that. Where you've been and where you are going are one — we are all One. And we are warm under this realization! No more cold weather here. Get together with your loved ones and celebrate the abundance present in your lives, and give thanks for that which is set to flow your way in the following summer months. Be wary of staying holed up alone tonight. Get out there with the moon, and set your life on fire. Witness the daily patterns that hold you in a lower vibration, and be just that as you do so — the witness. See those patterns as they are, and choose (because you you you have all the power!) to let them go. Make room for new, high vibe patterns to illuminate under this bright sun and moon. Be where you are, and take flight into the night. The Universe loves watching you soar.

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