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Moon Watch: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

It’s Harvest Moon! What a magical full moon, coupled with a lunar eclipse in watery, creative pisces. There is no denying the emotional intensity of this pregnant moon. It’s time for us to harvest the emotions that have taken root, grown flowers and produced fruit within our bodies and souls — these emotions ARE flowers! There is nothing inherently bad or ugly about them. They are valid, and they are beautiful. They are blossoming within you, begging for your attention and recognition. Now is not the time to allow the fruit ferment inside you — lay it all out in the open for the ones you love to hear and to support. When you do so, you are being the most authentic, creative you.

Traits Amplified: Healing, transformation, willingness, clarity, release, ancestry, harvest, illumination

Questions to Ask: How much better would you feel if you shifted your perspective about a painful situation? What is causing you the most pain? What are the top three self-deprecating thoughts that you curse your precious self with? What new possibilities are you inviting into your life? What are the first three steps you can take today to manifest that reality? Where in your life are you operating in auto-pilot? How can you regain control of your awareness?

What to Go For: Work with your most Divine Feminine power! Even you, boys. Channel the Divine sexuality within. Take upmost care of your root chakra — meditate on being rooted with Mother Earth. Channel any stagnant and scarce energy into her soils. Allow her birth and rebirth — her seeding and her harvest — to nourish you, to heal you, to set you free. Break free of the subconscious chains (toxic patterns) that you’ve set for yourself (negative self-talk, anyone?). Shift your perspective by recognizing a toxic pattern and immediately becoming the witness (that outside of body and mind Divine Love that you are) of said pattern. Speak to that pattern and relinquish it’s power over your actions and reactions. Realign your spirit with only that which nourishes it best. Then, everything else in the physical world will begin to take care of itself — when you want something, the entire Universe conspires to give it to you.

What to Watch Out For: Stop feeling as if you are so alone in your potent emotions and pain. Even those that you regard as high above you — as teachers, masters, and role models — are just as broken as you and you are just as brilliant as they. Hone into the collective, universal momentum of emotion that takes us all on a life-long journey. Also be aware of judgments or resentments for others (or even for certain situations) that begin to arise. Be compassionate towards every living being, as their pain is no more or no less painful than your own. We are all in this together, and the way that we can all get to where we need to be is by all of us, individually, doing what is very best for personal legends (all the while remaining compassionate and amply grateful for all else that is). Give ridiculous amounts of gratitude for where you’ve been, where you are, and where you are going. You are the creator of your own reality. Wake up and take life by the stars! We love to watch you soar.


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