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An Ode To The Sakara Beauty Water

In honor of BEST OF SAKARA WEEK (aka all your favorite meals in one delicious week), we are sending a special ode to the Sakara Beauty Water - the #1 cult favorite Clean Boutique product that Sakaralites can't get enough of. Our Beauty Water goes far more than skin deep. It's a treatment for both body and spirit:

  • The rose acts as an anxiety-soother by opening up the channels of the body to receive more light, and expel less angst. 
  • The trace minerals (such as magnesium, copper, fluoride, manganese, iodine, selenium, iron, and zinc) are mixed into the beauty water in their electrolyte form, so they are most seamlessly and optimally absorbed into the body.
  • Silica (a super detoxifying mineral we've been drinking for years), actually helps make your water wetter by helping your body absorb more hydration into each cell for optimal performance and hydration. 



These three superpowers together are extremely anti-inflammatory and provide deep cellular hydration to plump the skin from inside, out - are you ready for that Sakara GLOW?

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