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Sakara HQ Shares Their Resolutions

It's that time of year where we all promise to be harder, better, faster, stronger and you better believe everyone at Sakara HQ is tapping into that collective energy to make this THE year. How exactly? Read on for the ultimate #resolutioninspo.


Danielle, co-founder

  • To do a random act of kindness every day. [It] forces you to think about how you can be more compassionate all day, so you can realize the perfect moment to act on it.


Whitney, co-founder:

  • To be more active on social media.
  • To stop judging myself or my posts before they even go live. 
  • To not be scared to show my flaws and acne scars, and let my light shine for others.


Olivia, Social Media Manager: 

  • GET ORGANIZED: Develop a daily routine and minimize belongings 
  • MEDITATE: I recently started using the Inscape App and absolutely love it. I plan to continue with it everyday


And if I do need a drink: 

  • I'll have a whiskey or something that I can nurse for a while instead of wine. 


Faye, Director of Production: 

  • To empower and build-up the women around me; those I know and those that I don't. The latter will be tough since I'm a bit judge-y...
  • To say "I love you" 
  • To just say "yes" to things in life and things for myself (a repeat from last year but still needs work)


Gabby, Brand Director:

  • Less stimulation! i.e. spend less time looking at screens, de-clutter my space, and enjoy quiet time by myself.
  • Stop telling myself that life is hard, living in NYC is hard, being in your 20's is hard. Life is amazing.
  • Get better at surfing, so I don't have to use a giant board.


Gloria K, Ops:

  • Start taking better care of my mental health by going to see a therapist! (been wanting to for a long time)
  • Make more time for myself to work out during the week (it completely clears my mind and helps me reflect),
  • Try to go to bed (a little) earlier...



Erin, Head Designer:

  • READ: 1 book a month, 1 article a day.
  • GET INVOLVED: Find an organization I feel most passionate about and donate time and money (when possible!).
  • MORNING: Take back my morning routine! I have gotten so used to rushing off to work and not having a moment to myself to really enjoy this time of day.


Mike, Chief of Staff: 

  • No Ubers or Junos unless I need to for work.
  • Go to the gym 4 times a week.
  • Buy only one two coffees a day (LOL)
  • No drinking at home or alone outside of home Mon-Thurs (socially is okay).
  • Cook at least 3 dinners at home a week.
  • Eat Sakara lunch every work day.
  • Dress to impress.
  • Be as honest as humanly possible (speak up!).
  • Keep my friends close, but my enemies closer.


Nicolette, Client Services:

  • Drink more water! The goal being to drink 3 large mason jars of water before leaving work for the day
  • Practice my Spanish by downloading and listening to the podcast Coffee Break Spanish that was recommended to me.
  • Not holding my pee (sorry for the TMI!)


Michelle, Client Services:

  • To continue my self care practice and always make it a priority. My biggest thing is skincare, and I want to continue to have a real routine by always remembering remove makeup at the end of the day and doing a weekly mask. 
  • To act more professionally at work  -- I think this is kinda self explanatory... 
  • To know my value ($$) and never forget it. Your net worth is your self worth, so fight for equal pay and save money for the things that are important. 
  • Spend one night a week reading a real book; not an ipad or kindle. Also, a glass of wine is totally okay with a book ;)



  • My theme for the year is embodiment - as in, "what would happen in my life if I became everything that I want?"... for example if I want closeness, how can I be open and welcoming, if I want presence, how can I be fully present with others, and if I want to feel peaceful and have more fun, how can I be a beacon of peace and always say yes to fun.
  • Taking full responsibility for my life is the secondary part of that - as in 'what is my part in this?' and 'how did I help this come to be?" asked in a very loving, compassionate way. 
  • On the physical plane, 2017 is my year of sleep. For me, I think getting better/excellent sleep is the core habit that will make my other goals fall in to place naturally. 
  • On the work and commitments front, impeccable follow through is my goal - not saying 'yes', or 'I can do it', or, 'I'll be there', unless that really is the case.


Emily, Client Services 

  • To calm down and breathe more. I have to remind myself that taking 5 minutes in the morning to do a breathing exercise can be just as helpful as doing a restorative yoga class
  • To lighten up and have more fun - would love to be more spontaneous and do something I wouldn't normally do...like joining a dating app!


Kirby, Copy Writer:

Last year's resolution—"be brave"—was so good that I've decided to reinstate it for 2017! To me, that means leaning in at work and not letting myself be intimidated and stymied by things I don't know or have never done before. It means conquering feelings of smallness and inadequacy and owning who I am in all ways. And it means doing things that are hard with intention, focus, enthusiasm and optimism.
To that end, I have a lot of fitness goals this year that I won't bore the non-weightlifting public with, but in general I'm recommitting to my training routine with some very specific and tangible results in mind. The progress I made in the gym last year made me feel strong, confident, capable and proud of my body, and I saw those effects manifest in other areas of my life. So it goes without saying that I want to keep those good vibes going. (And when you have more than your body weight on a bar on your back, you have no choice but to be brave!)
I also have a brand-new resolution this year: to take more breaks. My M.O. is to not take much time off for myself, the downside being that I get burned out and my work, creativity, moods and relationships suffer as a result. So I'm going to listen to my body (and soul) and be kinder to myself this year...and when I feel burnout coming on, I'm going to try to step back—whether that means taking a deep breath, a walk or a vacation.


 Have you set any intentions or resolutions for the New Year? Tell us! 

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