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#SakaraSecrets To Your Healthiest Season

It’s our job to keep you healthy 365 days a year, so we’ve put together a guide to get that immune system of yours rockin'. A cough-free, sneeze-free, flu-free season, filled with energy, vibrancy, and a sexy body to conquer the world with? 

Yes, it's possible.


1. Feed your microbiome: Eat fermented foods and probiotics. 80% of our immune system lives in our gut, and as we already know, if our guts aren’t happy, we’re not happy. Probiotics feed these trusty little warriors so that they can guard your inner ecosystem and fight off cold and flu viruses. This one is our absolute favorite ;)


2. Drink lots of decaffeinated tea: Drinking lots of fluid is critical to detoxing your body, and can prevent you from developing cold symptoms. The key is to drink liquids that will cleanse your system (pass through you quickly, escorting junk out) and hydrate your insides at the same time. Sakara detox tea is our daily go-to to keep our systems in tip-top shape.


3. Let food be thy medicine: Rather than reaching for over-the-counter remedies, flood your system with whole, healing foods. We mean it - eat these guys like they are going out of style. Organic plants are packed with phytochemicals that protect them from disease. When you consume these phytochemicals in their whole state they work the same way in the human body, keeping you strong + healthy!


4. Dry brush: Dry brushing your skin stimulates your lymphatic system and helps get your blood flowing. Dry brush before a hot bath of Epsom salts and essential oils to fully draw out toxins and cleanse your skin. Melt into this decadent pool of self-LOVE!


5. Tongue Scraping: The tongue acts like a mirror to all the organs of the body so a daily exam prior to scraping can give you an indication of your body’s general health status. This level of self-awareness allows you to see how your food and lifestyle choices have affected your wellbeing. If you have a thick coating, you are accumulating toxicity. Scraping the tongue daily removes any toxic build-up eliminating reabsorption into the body. By not removing these undesirable bacteria, reabsorption could lead to dental issues, respiratory difficulties, digestive problems and a compromised immune system.


6. Relax:  Read, meditate, dance! Do whatever gets you into your ZEN mode. When your body is relaxed, your interleukins (immune system warriors) increase in the bloodstream. Relaxation is a learned skill and it is not the same as doing nothing (bored relaxation is shown to cause no immune-boosting chemical change in the bloodstream!). Practice meditating while visualizing a calm self and feel the serenity wash over your body.


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