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We Are All Love, with Beauty Guru Shiva Rose

From multiple prescribed-as-deathly autoimmune disorders, to complete health and vibrancy, Shiva Rose is now living one of the juiciest, most rose-colored (and utterly authentic) realities that we know. Every atom and every cell of this woman glows and radiates with the exact creative energy you crave. She quite literally walks in beauty. After beginning her wellness blog The Local Rose, Shiva set out to bring the skin wisdom (that she'd been using for years to heal herself) to the rest of the world  and thus, Shiva Rose the brand was born. We can never get enough of Shiva's energy. Read on, and prepare for complete nourishment. 

shiva rose


I was an actress before I began my holistic lifestyle blog The Local Rose. I then started the beauty line Shiva Rose a few years ago when I realized how many women become ill from the toxic products they use. My journey in the world of wellness really came about because I wanted to heal myself, and then I wanted to share what I discovered.

When I was 26, after the birth of my first daughter, I was diagnosed with three autoimmune diseases and told by a Western doctor that I had only a year or two to live. I knew in my heart this couldn’t be my story, so I began to seek out other healing modalities. I was introduced to a holistic doctor who helped me find relief from the constant pain I was living with. The road to recovery was long and challenging, however now I am in remission and feeling better than ever. Many things contributed to this shift in my health such as changing my diet, eating mostly organic, adding more healthy fats, using only non-toxic beauty products like the ones I make, having a daily spiritual practice, a community of like minded friends, taking herbs and tonics, and being in nature.

The blog started as a way to share my story and highlight people I admired in the world that I was now immersed in. When I began the site seven years ago, holistic living and wellness was still sort of on the fringe of society. I am so elated to see that today, living in harmony with the planet is being seen as something that is accessible and at times even chic.

The Local Rose started as an homage to artists and healers in the Wellness community and I am so grateful that it has grown. I was just following my passion and love for holistic living so I didn’t necessarily have a larger agenda when I began. I remember interviewing Danielle and Whitney back when they were just starting out because I liked their pure and earnest energy. It thrills me to see them blossoming and growing and spreading their message.

shiva rose


Oils are so incredible for the skin  taking them orally and daily in our diet, and also by applying topically on our skin. I have been using oils for over 15 years, and I remember people being shocked at that idea in the past. In the tradition of Ayurveda, oils have been used to create stability and balance in the body.

I have such a deep respect and passion for all the oils I use. In my body oils, I use Ayurvedic formulas with sunflower seed oil, almond oil, borage oil, apricot seed and evening primrose. When you lavish your body with these nourishing omegas you are feeding your skin and soul. My Rose Face Oil is made with the highest grade combination of oils that are anti-aging and so beneficial to the skin. I use Kukui Nut Oil in my Rose Face Oil which is what the  women of Hawaii use on their skin. I discovered this after my many visits to the island of Kauai, and trying to figure out why the Hawaiian women had such incredible skin and hair.

For me, the exciting part is the research and actually creating the process of alchemy in my studio. I also absolutely love researching essential oils. I am so in awe of the power these oils hold connecting us to the plant world.



I try to incorporate beauty rituals into my day as a form of connecting to what is sacred within myself. I find this is such a beautiful way for women to gain strength and wisdom from their inner spirits. When we connect to that essence, then we are in our strength and can take care of others around us in a loving way. I now am giving beauty ritual events at various retreats and gatherings, and find that it is such a powerful way to create beauty and nourish ourselves. These rituals incorporate Kundalini Meditation, some Native American prayers, and using intentions when applying certain beauty techniques to cleanse and beautify.

I get fed by my deep connection to the natural world. If I feel like my nerves are becoming frayed from the urban buzz and too much work, then I jump in my car and head out to Ojai where I can soak in hot springs or hike in the mountains. I am blessed with wild canyons near my home, so I can take an hour and reset myself by taking a walk and breathing in the beauty deeply. Other nourishing practices for me are my Kundalini and drinking Living Tea every morning. These are two practices that help me start the day off in a grounded and peaceful way. Eating organic foods that are alive is also a must to keep my energy levels strong.

Places to escape to in California are plenty. Ojai is wonderful in being a vortex of spiritual wonder. Big Sur is another favorite and a deeply magical place. I love Esalen  the gardens there have devis and fairies. Mount Shasta is a far trip but well worth it.

I really resonate with the big trees up North and my mother lives near Yosemite so that is always a treat as well. The desert (Joshua Tree) is also a mystical place that quiets the mind and fills the spirit.

My ideal Saturday is to make a big breakfast using eggs from our chickens and vegetables from our garden. Then going to Ojai for a hike and soak with my daughters and friends. Eating at Farmer and the Cook in Ojai. Stopping at the ocean to watch the sunset and then driving home feeling content and loved by the natural world.

Things that deplete me are too much are attention to the media, being inauthentic, being deprived of beauty in my environment, hearing about how our planet is ailing, chem-trails in the air, and seeing children suffer in any way.

shiva rose


I learned early on that we are what we eat. This led me to becoming a vegetarian at the age of seven. I have always been super sensitive to the foods I eat, which is actually a blessing since I have been healing myself through diet. Although almost entirely a vegetarian, I do consume bone broth once every few months as a medicinal nutrient. I feel so much more luscious and juicy when I add in healthy fats. Part of my healing from the autoimmune issues has been by adding ghee, coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, raw goat yogurt, plus soaked nuts and seeds to give my brain and body some love. These fats have helped me fight inflammation and increase my hormone production.

I also try to eat lots of organic vegetables and fruits, for I feel so much more alive and optimistic in my being. I also drink Spring water that is foraged from the streams in Oregon. This water is called "opal water" and really feels amazing to drink.



After having children, I gained a whole new perspective on my body. I had my eldest at 26, and so at a young age, began to see that my body wasn’t just to be celebrated for ornamental reasons, but as a temple for life giving. After overcoming autoimmune issues where my body was constantly inflamed and in pain, I now give thanks every day for things we sometimes take for granted.

I am so grateful for my legs that are strong from hiking, my arms that have gained stamina from Kundalini kriyas, my skin that houses this incredible creation of bones, blood, muscle and heart.

I of course have moments where I want to get rid of a few stretch marks across my belly, but then I realize these are my warrior stripes to remind me of how magnificent my body is. They remind of the ability to expand and transform not just our bodies but also our hearts through giving life.

My children teach me constantly. My eldest Colette teaches me how to let go of negativity and see the good in all and Charlotte teaches me how to talk to the spirit realms and be in the moment.

My favorite feeling is of course love. We are all love.

shiva rose


My morning routine is upon waking to spray my face with my Radiant Rose Water to awaken my skin with a healing mist. Then to do oil pulling with coconut oil and as I do that, I prepare to sit in a short meditation with my Living Tea. During this tea I will acknowledge all I am grateful for.

After that I will do a short Kundalini Yoga set. Then I place the Rose Face Oil and Glow Balm on my skin and begin to get my animals and children nourished and ready for the day.

My evening routine is all about the bath ritual. After all the beings I care for are settled into bed, I will take a moment to practice my Jade Egg Practices. This is an ancient Chinese practice to cultivate chi energy from the yoni. I then will dry brush my skin in the Ayurvedic fashion and then take a bath with my Rose Moon Bath Salts. After that I will use my Venus Amber Body Oil and the Rose Face Serum.

shiva rose


My next steps are about tweaking a few things with the packaging of my line, and adding two new products that I am so excited to launch. The Saffron Rose Face Scrub and the Honey Blossom Face Mask. These two products complete my line in terms of having a facial spa experience. They are a mask and scrub I have made for myself for years and have really transformed my skin.

I am also continuing my studies on Ayurveda. I recently launched a course on Mind Body Green and am just so excited to dive into more of this ancient wisdom.

I also want to learn Italian and continue my studies on Bee Keeping. I have some hives and always want to know more about that world.

Curiosity is something I do not lack in. I love discovering new ideas, new concepts, new cities, new worlds.



Legacy for me is being able to do something that will benefit our planet in some way. I pray every day that our children will have access to clean water, pure air, healthy unadulterated food, and feel a live earth beneath their feet.

That is the ultimate legacy.

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