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The Health Benefits Of Magnesium aka The Miracle Mineral

Most of us understand the importance of macronutrients (proteins, carbs, fats), and even go as far as knowing exactly what role they play in keeping us healthy and strong. For most of us, we are head cheerleaders of one of these macronutrients or the other, and when it comes to minerals and vitamins, well, those just seem to be the icing on the cake. The other guys. Maybe we understand that Calcium is super important for strong bones or that the B Vitamins are great for boosting energy and brain function, but when it comes down to it, we’re not that worried about getting the whole clan in on a daily or even weekly basis.

Magnesium, unfortunately, is one of those minerals that is not on most people’s radar. Sounds like a little extra something that you’re totally down to ingest, but realistically not going to make a point of it (where does one get magnesium in their diet anyway??). Let's talk this one out, shall we?

Magnesium is a miracle mineral (Whitney’s family has relied on it as a cure-all for generations!). Magnesium is found in every single tissue in your body (bones, muscles, brain, etc.) and plays an essential role in almost every single task your body has, creating energy in the body, stabilizing membranes, boosting immunity, helping prevent inflammation, and supporting heart health. It is your body’s go-to relaxation mineral, relaxing everything from body parts to your spirit and any tightness in the body is most likely a sign that your body is deficient in Magnesium. According to Dr. Hyman, it’s a mineral that most conventional doctors rely on heavily in their daily practices (it’s even deemed a critical “medication” in the ER) and one that he personally utilizes as a weapon against illness with his patients (now, that's our kind of weapon).

So why is it that most Americans are deficient in something that is arguably more powerful than any other conventional medicine out there? Well, not only are you not going to find Magnesium in processed, junk foods, but common indulgences such as coffee, sugar, alcohol, and even many medications actually drain your body of it. Add on top of that the mountains of things you accomplish on a daily basis, the people you connect with, the experiences you have, and we're starting to paint a better picture as to why your Magnesium consumption may not be at the top of your list.

The good news is, there are plenty of whole foods that replenish your body with this miracle mineral, including chards, collard greens, dandelion greens, avocado, garlic, grains, nuts and seeds, bananas, dark chocolate (yes you read that correctly). And, at Sakara, we balance out all of mother nature's goodies to ensure that your Magnesium levels are kept loud and proud.





The even better news is that you can supplement this bad boy in a way that is supportive and healthy for your body. Our go-to Magnesium savior is CALM: a calcium + magnesium supplement that balances your calcium levels while restoring a healthy magnesium level. It's like a massage - for your insides - in a tall drink of body-loving goodness - that helps your muscles and nerves function properly, helps regulate blood sugar levels, promotes normal blood pressure, and the list goes on and on and on.

We've been obsessed with CALM for years (CANNOT travel without it) and are so excited for you experience how it will change your life. Keep us posted in the comments below on how your journey is unfolding!

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