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Moon Watch: Full Moon in Capricorn

This full moon is in our earth element Capricorn, urging us to re-ground and re-group with each other, especially given the terror and associated anxiety that has swept the globe within the past few weeks. The same concept must be applied to our personal psyche and consciousness. It’s easy to indulge in familiar fears, given the excuses we make for ourselves around them. Why is it so much harder to let go, than to hold on? Tonight, seek to answer this question for yourself, and get particular about a circumstance in which much letting go needs to be done. Carrying around fear, and past hurt is manifesting in your body as something unnecessarily greater than it needs to be. When that starts happening, you know you need to let go much more. Allow others to help you  you’re not meant to go at this alone.

Traits Amplified: Adjustment, discovery, self-gathering, stabilization, movement, introspection, connection, release

Questions to Ask: What do I keep looking back upon, ruminating over, and allowing to have so much power over me? Why DO I allow it to have much power over me? What do I need to talk about tonight, and who can I call to help hold the space? What are the top three most intense emotions I am feeling tonight? What can I do to let them pass, once and for all?

What to Go For: Move, shake, and make. Do something with the angry, fiery energy that’s building up inside. Alchemize the darkness that you feel into the brightest, most brilliant reality you could’ve ever dreamed. You live in reality after all, so bring your head down (though not too much!) from the clouds, and ground yourself in your surroundings  they are here to support you, bless you, and guide you, not to harm you or cause you excess pain. Make do with the abundance already around you and you will be blessed tenfold. Be willing to let go. It’s okay to unidentify. In fact, that’s what the universe is begging you to do! Disassociate and detach from the stale stories that have kept you bogged down and feeling like you’re waking up and immediately going to swim upstream. Your own Divinity is ever on your side. You are perfect, you are whole, and you are bright. Go be it.

What to Watch Out For: Feelings of limitation and unworthiness may be arising, and you may even be unconsciously repressing many of these feelings out of dread for the work that you know you must put in. But you must put in the work — it’s the only way to get the job done. Want something to disappear? Clean house. Cool yourself down. Aim to spend more time outside this week than you have all year — reconnect with Gaia’s mothering, nurturing, flowering energy. Don’t allow yourself to sit and wallow in the intensity that’s arising. Bless what comes, open up to your closest kin about it, and witness as the weight of what’s coming through begins to fall away faster and faster, until you wake up tomorrow morning feeling like a brand new you. Each day is fresh and new — embrace it as such, and all that is Good is coming to you.

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