The Liver-Loving Detox Elixir

Danielle's personal healing tonic recipe   View More ❯

Interested In Protecting Your Aura?

Us too. We sat down with Paper Crane Apothecary for a lesson in high-vibe gem elixirs to ease away troubles. Anyone else needing the P.ossible M.urder S.uspect PMS Relief Elixir? View More ❯

A Grounding, Metabolism-Revving Elixir

First thing in the AM give your cells a wake up call with this bright and refreshing elixir View More ❯

Metabolism Revving Fall Elixir

First thing in the am (and not to forget, all throughout the day!) we like to show our bodies an extra boost of care by mixing up this quick + easy metabolism revving elixir. It's especially useful... View More ❯

Immunity LOVE Elixir

The contents of your kitchen are the best tools you have to fight sickness this season. Yes, those dark leafy greens, jewel-tone fruits, and exotic herbs, spices, and oils that send your tastebuds ... View More ❯

Recipe: Blueberry Beet Beauty Elixir

This antioxidant packed superfood smoothie will have you energized and glowing in no time at all. Beets and blueberries are loaded with anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants that reduce oxidative str... View More ❯

Metabolism-Revving Fall Elixir

1 cup hot water The juice of 1 lemon 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp cayenne pepper Squeeze, shake, stir, and enjoy! View More ❯

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