Sakara Spotlight: Kimmy Scotti

What's a day in the life of a fierce and accomplished lady boss Sakaralite look like? Read on View More ❯

Jessie De Lowe + Tara Sowlaty, How You Glow

Meet the ladies who want you to glow. View More ❯

Shamara Bondaroff, SB SKIN

The go-to queen of microcurrent View More ❯

TK + Cipriana Quann, Urban Bush Babes

On the power and connection of being an identical twin, their mother as their fashion icon, and how they're encouraging diversity in the fashion and beauty industries View More ❯

Nightcap: Melissa Wood Tepperberg

We went behind the scenes and under the covers to find out how this natural beauty unwinds from the day and preps for a blissful night's sleep, with her babe always on her hip. View More ❯
We went behind the scenes and under the covers to find out how this natural beauty unwinds from the day and preps for a blissful night's sleep, with her babe always on h... View More ❯

Claire Distenfeld, Owner, Fivestory

On creating experiences for others, her beloved energy healer and her best business advice View More ❯

Mary Helen Bowers, Ballet Beautiful

"It's more than just changing your body. I think that it's about helping women find confidence and security in their bodies that they haven't had before." View More ❯

Body Talk: Lily Aldridge

A woman's relationship to her body is the most intimate one she'll ever have. BodyTalk is a chance for women to inspire other women to love their bodies more than ever. View More ❯

Find Your Guru: Michael Olajide, Aerospace

In honor of Lily Aldridge X Sakara and the upcoming Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, we decided to consult the man responsible for helping shape the bodies about to walk down the runway. The one, the only: Michael Olajide of Aerospace NYC. View More ❯
In honor of View More ❯

Chelsea Leyland, DJ

The journey from fashion-it-girl to epilepsy advocate View More ❯

Magdalena Wosinska, Photographer

On escaping Communist Poland, the story behind her nude self-portraits and falling in love with her feminine self View More ❯

Paula Mallis, Doula, Facilitator of Women's Circles + Gatherings

"Being in that birth energy and with so much feminine energy, I started to fall more in love with myself, and I started to fall more in love with women, and wanting to start to hold space for women." View More ❯

Introducing: Sakara Man

Real men eat plants. View More ❯

Natalia Pascual, Nala Malas

"Malas are great tools to introduce you to're changing the whole chemistry of your body when you're using them....I know it works because it worked for me." View More ❯

Djuna Bel, LA Stylist and Health Junkie

"I love green juice, but I also like fried chicken and tequila." View More ❯

Molly Guy, Stone Fox Bride

The woman behind the anti-bridezilla cult wedding brand for the 'single gals, moms and brides alike'. View More ❯

Lulu Zsebe + Micha Thomas, Of the Wolves

Magically one of a kind and powerfully part of the pack, Lulu Brud Zsebe + Micha Thomas, are the mystical beings behind the cosmically connective medium, Of the Wolves. View More ❯

Natalie Kuhn, The Class LA

"I just want us all to strike through the word “guru” — I am not a guru, I’m a “helper”. I’m simply somebody who offers suggestions." View More ❯

Ariel Kaye, Parachute Founder: How Well Are You Sleeping?

"Sleep is so essential to everything you do — your health, your happiness, your productivity. Parachute became a merging-of-the-worlds in thinking about people and this passion of mine for home and... View More ❯

Adir Abergel, Hairstylist to the Stars

"Hair tells an entire story about you the minute you walk in the door. I love being that storyteller." View More ❯

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