Introducing: The Sakara Hot List!

Things are heating up around here... View More ❯

Stop Counting Calories. Count This Instead.

We don’t count calories. Ever. Here's why. And here's what to count instead. View More ❯

With Love, Cleo Wade

Artist, poet, speaker, empower-er, thought provoker. If you read one thing today, make sure it's this... View More ❯

Group Text: What's On Your Summer Bucket List?

An extremely important conversation View More ❯

Hand Mudras to Manifest Your Deepest Desires

It’s no secret we use our hands to convey what’s going on in our minds. On a daily basis, we as humans use our hands countless times to express what message or vibe we wish to convey. You extend one hand when greeting a new face, offering a sign of warm welcome. You use your hands to hug a friend or partner, expressing love and compassion to that person. Conversely, there’s likely been a time where you raised your middle finger in rage, or clenched your fists when suffering through a difficult time. View More ❯
It’s no secret we use our hands to convey what’s going on in our minds. On a daily basis, we as humans use our hands countless times to express what message or vibe we w... View More ❯

Yoga Asanas for Better Digestion

Tummy troubles? Before you go poppin’ some Pepto or slurp on curious digestive tonics, give these asanas a whirl to reset and get yourself back on track. View More ❯

Making Sex Safe + Sustainable: Meika Hollender, Founder of Sustain

And Selfie-Worthy Condoms... View More ❯

What is Mindfulness, and When Does It Start Working?

As with many buzzwords and health trends, the idea of Mindfulness seems to be everywhere these days. An odd phenomenon unfolds in tandem with this sort of proliferation: you hear about something so... View More ❯

Group Text: If You Had To Eat One Thing For The Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?

You’re on a worldwide ocean sail — you’ve always dreamed of doing this, and you’ve planned everything perfectly, right down to the the very last drop of food and water (you brought kombucha on your... View More ❯

Mara Hoffman + Family, on Making This World a More Radical Place to Live In

"You've got more than you could ever need. You're good. We're all good."   View More ❯

Words To Live By: The 10 Must-Read Quotes Everyone Should Read This AM

Whether you think words to yourself, write them down, or say them out loud, those letters strung together are the very first step in the process of manifestation: turning your dreams into your real... View More ❯

Food Can Help You Manifest Your Dreams. Here's how...

What are you manifesting for your future? What do you desire, more than anything else? Write it down, and list the top 5 steps you can take to get there. Do any of those top five steps have anythin... View More ❯

Group Text: What is Your Essence?

We might as well deem this LACY PHILLIPS WEEK on the Mag, right? Well, when she tells you how to make something happen, you listen, you get inspired, and you do. And when we sat down with Lacy to t... View More ❯

1, 2 Step: How To Connect To Your Intuition

Lacy Phillips is, in addition to other things, a manifestation guide. She works one on one with people to teach them how to manifest things, people, and experiences -- everything from their dream p... View More ❯

Lacy Phillips, Of Free + Native, Teaches Us How To Make Anything Happen

Lacy Phillips is a magical human. She's the heart, soul, and beauty behind Free + Native, the modern guide for holistic healing and curation of all things light-filled and spirit-healing. Read on f... View More ❯

Why Talking To Your Plants Should Be A Part Of Your Daily Routine

I love plants. Like really, really love plants. Dream living scenarios would be here, here, and most definitely here. As a child I felt extremely connected to nature. I would spend hours outside in... View More ❯

Brains, Beauty and a Bari Booty: Bari Founder, Alexandra Bonetti

Once we experienced Bari for ourselves, we had to meet the brains behind it. Who was this Venezuelan beauty who went to undergrad at Wharton, worked in merging and acquiring firms in oil post gradu... View More ❯

Need to Chill Out? Get in Touch w/ Your Relaxation Response

Have you ever thought that maybe we’ve been going at it all wrong? View More ❯

Empowering Women Through Wearable Art, with Cushnie et Ochs

requently worn and adored by Karlie Kloss, Reese Witherspoon, Rihanna and Michelle Obama, Cushnie et Ochs does more than understand the woman's body; they respect it it with every tailored line, ev... View More ❯

Body Talk: Annie Outerbridge, Client Services

Welcome to Body Talk, an S-Life series for the month of February, where we will be fearlessly opening this portal of communication about self-love, self-deprecation, and touching on anything and ev... View More ❯

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