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With nearly 3500 glowing reviews, our Metabolism Super Powder has become a beloved staple in the pantry of many wellness savants. This spring, we then launched another way to uplevel the symptom-targeting nutrition tool, with the Metabolism Super Bar. These are some of the buzziest snacks and supplements on the internet, which is why we wanted to chat with Sakaralites about their experience taking the Metabolism Duo, to report back on their real, supercharged results.



While metabolism is often only related in terms of weight, metabolism is the body’s mechanism involved in essentially every aspect of the way our bodies function, from libido to breathing to how we detoxify. It dictates how we expend energy and use nourishment for fuel—and the more organic, more straight-from-the-Earth, the better. Processed foods, stress, and sedentary lifestyles are all common culprits of a metabolic slowdown. Enter, a trio of willing people seeking a change in their metabolism. They each agreed to incorporate Metabolism Super Powder and Metabolism Super Bar into their routines at least 4-5 times a week for a month.  


Jacklyn Sweet, Holistic Wellness + Life Coach and a yoga teacher specializing in healing intergenerational trauma  

Ananda Yemaya, creative, student of Naturopathic medicine, and mother of two young babes  

Dr. Gerry Curatola, internationally recognized biologic dentist and Founder and Director of Rejuvenation Dentistry 



Though the Metabolism Super Powder and the Metabolism Super Bar help to address many of the same root issues related to a metabolic slowdown (think: bloat, relentless sugar cravings, digestive upset, low energy), they contain a different mix of ingredients. Each abundant with Ayurvedic herbs, amino acids, and antioxidants, we love taking them together to create supercharged results. But what is the difference?

Metabolism Super Powder targets several aspects of a lagging metabolism. First, L-Glutamine helps to soothe and support the microbiome by working to rebuild the gut lining. Then, Horsetail Extract works as a diuretic to help release excess water weight, and it also includes silica, an important mineral that helps support the immune response. Gymnema Sylvestre is an Ayurvedic herb that helps to quiet the sugar receptors on our tongue to quell cravings for sweet. Black Pepper Piperine helps to increase circulation, which helps to efficiently flush waste but is also supports the endocrine system and sex drive—where there is circulation, there is stimulation. Finally, the cacao-rich powder also contains fucoxanthin, an Atlantic brown seaweed packed with carotenoids—a powerful class of antioxidants—that specifically helps to speed up lipid metabolism and turn on the cell’s “heat engines” to burn energy faster. This blend of plants helps to debloat, quell cravings, and aid digestion. 

Metabolism Super Bar is a plant protein-rich snack bar that contains two powerful antioxidants—derived from brown seaweed and pomegranate seed oil—which turn on the cell’s “heat engines” and help to burn stored fat efficiently. One of this bar’s most coveted superpowers is that it contains only four grams of a whole-food source of sugar (organic allulose)—practically unheard of in the nutrition bar world. This combination of high protein and low sugar helps to stabilize glucose levels, while providing lasting energy that activates a high-functioning metabolism.




While the Metabolism Super Bar became a necessity in purses and work bags during the week, each reviewer also tried creative ways to add the Metabolism Super Powder in their routines. Whether it was through smoothies, lattes, pancakes, waffles, or parfaitsadding the powder was a moment, as Jacklyn noted, “to romanticize your life; it’s about nourishing your body while making everything feel like a treat.”


After a month of integrating the nutrition powder and the protein bar into their routines, each reviewer experienced a range of results. 


Before trying the Metabolism system, I was consistently bloated. I just turned 30 last year, and I realized how I used to snap right back into shape after a few workouts if I was feeling softer, But something had changed, which is why I started the regimen. For me, it was all about consistency. There’s no one overnight, miracle thing, but my biggest takeaway was less bloat and inflammation.”—Jacklyn

It’s definitely been a game changer and a staple.

“I've been using the powder now every day, and I have noticed a serious change in my bloating. I would actually bloat after each meal. Now I don't at all actually. I would look in the mirror and I'm still pretty amazed at myself as it's been crazy to see the fact that I would constantly look bloated and then feel super heavy. It used to be very frustrating, and now I just feel so much lighter.”—Ananda

“After the second week, I noticed more energy, and lost 2 pounds of bloat and experienced a significant reduction in sugar cravings. I even began to observe a trimmer waist in the mirror.”—Dr. Gerry



“I always end up taking the bar to the gym and then eating it as soon as I finish my workout, which has tremendously changed my energy levels, post-workout. I'm no longer sluggish and It sustains me throughout the afternoon, especially since having my second child. It’s definitely been a game changer and a staple.”—Ananda 

“I detected noticeable improvements in my energy, weight management, and bloating after consumption...and it was especially noticeable when I missed a couple of days due to a conference. My energy fell without the bars in hand. But when I was consistent, I was able to feel full with energy to get through my morning schedule and delay lunch for 6 hours from a long patient treatment day.”—Dr. Gerry  




"The biggest shift from taking the powder has been my libido. It's been almost like a night and day shift. I went from having a really low sex drive to it buzzing up, exponentially."—Ananda 




“I have such a particular sweet tooth, and I was very surprised to feel like I didn’t need something sweet. The powder actually started to feel like a treat because I would make a strawberry-banana smoothie or an almond butter-espresso-banana smoothie, and the craving for sugar after was definitely curbed.” —Jacklyn 

“I have pretty intense sugar cravings. And so when I make my Metabolism Latte first thing and I'll notice that I won't want a sweet breakfast. I typically would want maybe pancakes with syrup and berries. Once I have the latte, then maybe I end up wanting to make different choices. I think it’s helped shift my palate.”—Ananda  


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