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7 Lessons Learned From Taryn Toomey

This month, we are dedicating 30 days to complete body x mind x food x spirit transformation . This first week's focus is on full body transformation led by the miraculous Taryn Toomey of The Class, whose focus is to help unleash and rid all the negative thoughts, stories, patterns we have buried deep down within ourselves through the power of sound and movement. Taryn is both a light-maker and darkness-eradicator, so today we thought we'd pass along these little gems of wisdom she shared with us, as told exclusively to S-Life Mag.


  •  “If you can actually get into the beat (not just in class but in actual life), of what’s occurring right now and talk to it, you change your perspective. Yeah, it’s intense because it’s change and change is intense. When you’re in change do you say, 'Oh its tough, its pain its not for me, get me out. That’s enough, I'm scared.' OR do you go, 'Woah, I’m right here in the middle of change and I have a couple of choices — I can settle myself, I can use my voice, I can use my self to allow myself to take the strength and that applies in the physical way.'”


  • "I’ve always been a little bit of seeker in thinking, 'What is this thing that I’m experiencing?' And I think we’ve all experienced that kind of  seeking. It’s that, 'Why do I feel this way?' You don’t know what the name is and you don’t know where it came from, but you’re exhausted by it and know that it’s no longer working for you. You figure out a way to do whatever you can to get rid of it."

  • "After teaching yoga for a while, I realized that with all that drawing in and drawing in, I wanted to fucking scream. I wanted to draw it in and draw it in, but then I wanted to move it out. What I was doing was drawing in and noticing things, but I wasn’t relieving them. I wanted to notice, feel, and then eject."


  • "The first 75% of class is getting shit out — getting the voices out; getting the sludge of the body out. It’s about crushing the ego and just nailing it and nailing it until you’re like, 'I’m not going to fight this anymore. I’m going to drop into the flow of letting go.' Because once we get the ego and judgment out of the way, we’re able to get into the emotional body."

  •  "Letting go is this ability to allow an emotion to process in its free flowing form — not compressing it, not binding it and not deciding that you have to manipulate it."


  • "It's not actual fat on the body, its fat on the brain or fat in the heart. It’s something else entirely."


  • "I’d like to be somebody that creates a new access point for people to have a release from their heartaches, from their disappointments, from the wounds that happen in life, and from the things that they think are just a part of the fabric of life that will never shift. I want to help people create space for the release of those things."

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