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What is an Aura, Anyway?

Forget eyes, auras are the window to the soul. But what exactly is an aura and how do we come to see it? We’re demystifying the luminous light that is your aura  peeling back the layers of your auric field and tapping into the power of auric sight.


So, what even is an aura? 

An aura is the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds every person, organism and object in the universe. The human aura emanates from the physical body, surrounding it in an oval-shaped outline of cascading color. This “auric egg” extends approximately two to three feet on all sides, above the head and below the feet into the ground. Our aura contains information about our current physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states. It’s ever-changing and is affected by energies  from internal thoughts and health, to external environments and relationships.


Seven Auric Levels

The human energy field is composed of seven subtle bodies. Think of this system like a spiritual onion. Each layer corresponds to a chakra and transmits information between the physical body and the external environment. Each level has its own vibrational frequency, qualities, characteristics and functions. It is also interconnected to those around it. Together, they form our complete aura.


Etheric Body

This layer serves as a blueprint of the body, transmitting energies between the physical and higher bodies. It connects to the Root Chakra, organs, glands and meridians and relates to physical sensations, survival, security, health and well-being. Physical signs of illness and injury can be seen in this layer.

Emotional Body

The second layer relates to our feelings, emotions and boundaries. Not only does this body hold our stored emotions, it also reflects our current mood. It’s constantly in flux and is connected to the Sacral Chakra. At this level we require love and acceptance, from ourselves (self-love) and others around us. Negative feelings and emotional blocks can cause imbalance, which may manifest as instability, sensitivity, irrationality and a muddied aura.

Mental Body

The third level is associated with our thought patterns and mental processes. Connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra, it reflects our conscious mind, logic, understanding and intellect. So it stands to reason that if this level is out wack, it can impede our ability to think clearly.

Astral Body

This plane unites the lower three and the higher three auric layers, acting as the bridge between the physical and spiritual vibrations. Connected to the Heart Chakra, this is where we store our higher order emotional beliefs of love and compassion. On this level we seek loving interaction and with friends, family and self. Our Astral Body grows stronger when your heart is full and can become weaker during breakups or conflicts with those close to you.

Etheric Template

This level is a copy of the physical body, but on the spiritual plane. It’s associated with our identity, personality, and commitment to speak and pursue the truth. The Etheric Template is connected to the Throat Chakra, which has the power to turn our thoughts into words and actions. This layer can be strengthened by understanding who we truly are and expressing our truth.

Celestial Body

This level gives us access to the higher emotional aspects of spirit, such as divine love, spiritual ecstasy and enlightenment. A strong Celestial Body can be steer us towards our purpose in life and bring enhanced abilities to communicate with the spiritual world. It’s connected to our Third Eye Chakra and can be reached through deep meditation.

Ketheric Template (Causal Body)

Our spiritual template holds all of our soul’s experiences (in both present in past lifetimes) as well as the map of our spiritual destiny. Vibrating at the highest frequency, the seventh layer represents the divine within us, and is our link to a higher power and becoming One with the universe. The mental layer of the spiritual level, the Ketheric Template is connected to the Crown Chakra and gives us access to universal knowledge. Positive energies on this level result in true bliss and serenity. Conversely, negative energies can manifest as feelings of separation from a higher power, others and even ourselves.


What Aura Colors Reveal

Auras exist in a wide range of colors, each with its own unique meaning. Health affects the color and size of our aura. It can glow and radiate with joy and warmth or may become dull when we are negative, sick or sad. In essence, our aura is a color-coded guide to our present state.

Red: Enthusiasm, energy, vitality, emotionality

Pink: Love, compassion, sensitivity, generosity, nurturing

Orange: Socialness, expression, warmth, confidence

Gold: Transformation, spiritual energy, awakening, inspiration

Yellow: Logic, intelligence, organization, hard work

Green: Nature, balance, devotion, adaptability

Blue: Communication, truth, clarity, kindness

Turquoise: Love, healing, generosity, compassion

Purple: Intuition, creativity, knowledge, mystery

Silver/White: Spirituality, purity, intuition, enlightenment

Brown: Egotism, illness, discouragement, confusion

Black: Hatred, negativity, illness, depression


Reading Auras

The benefits of reading auras are plenty and the possibilities of what you might see are endless. Auric sight can enhance personal growth, raise your consciousness, aid in spiritual development and strengthen your awareness of the natural world. Auras offer insights into our true nature, and can even reveal a problem in the body before physical symptoms present themselves. And because auras can't be faked, they’ll always tell you the truth.

You don't have to be a mystic or spiritualist to read auras. Seriously, we all have the gift of auric sight, but not all of us tap into it. It’s just a matter of reawakening your abilities. Easier said than done, as we found out. Want to give it shot? Here’s how:

~ Start by selecting an inanimate object in a primary color. Make sure you have a solid, light colored background. Focus on one point. After a few seconds you should start to see a slight aura. Remain focused (and repeat these steps with plants and people too).

~ Next, try observing objects in different basic colors. Once you’ve conquered the inanimate, try plants.

~ Now you’re ready to try observing your own aura: start with extremities, arms or legs. This can be done outdoors or indoors (try holding your hand in front of a wall).

~ Once you reach expert status (we’re not there yet), you can try focusing on other people. The center of the forehead is a good place to start.

Say hello to auric sight, Sakaralites!

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