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What's Happening Now: The Top Must Reads This Week in Health + Wellness

Every week, The S-Life Mag will make sure you’re in the know about the latest scientific studies and current events pertaining to health, wellness, nutrition and more. This is the stuff you need to know for your body, mind and soul!



  • We’re big on the mind-body connection at Sakara, and studies like this highlight the importance of that precious link. Research suggests that stress may actually cancel out the benefits of eating healthy: specifically, the study found that being under stress made people’s bodies treat healthy fats the same as unhealthy saturated fats. Want to try an all-natural stress reducer? Meditation has been found to ease tension and quiet the mind (and our soul sister Ally Bogard is a total pro).



  • Is there anything your microbiome can’t do? New research suggests the diversity of your gut bacteria may be linked to not just weight, but belly fat specifically. This so-called visceral fat, stored in the abdominal cavity among the internal organs, is especially dangerous because it’s connected to Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
  • A friendly reminder to show your partner some love when you get home tonight: Research shows that happy spouses keep each other healthy!
  • This. Changes. Everything. A British scientist claims he’s created a synthetic alcohol that’s 100% hangover-free. 
  • Not a lot is known about what causes Crohn’s disease, an autoimmune disorder that affects the G.I. tract. But according to new research, a microscopic fungus may be to blame.
  • So…does talc cause ovarian cancer or doesn’t it? In this drama that’s been playing out both in laboratories and courtrooms, it seems there’s still no clear answer.
  • That dreaded morning sickness that plagues many pregnant women may actually have a positive spin — it’s linked to healthier pregnancies and a lower risk of miscarriage.
  • Usually when we hear about organizations trawling our personal information, it makes us feel a little…uncomfortable. But in the case of doctors and hospitals, the practice of reading up on patients could result in better care.
  • The streetlights outside your window could be messing with your sleep cycle…and contributing to raising your risk of a number of health conditions.
  • We’re totally down with these five reasons calorie-counting doesn’t work (especially #5…quality food is KING).
  • Researchers have discovered a method of passing kidney stones painlessly — that is, as long as you’re not afraid of roller coasters.
  • Want to reduce your children’s risk of developing food allergies? When it comes to eggs and peanuts, two major culprits, research says the earlier the first exposure, the better.

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