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Words to Live By: Top 10 Healthy Travel Tips From Real Life Jet Setters

So how does a Sakaralite really travel, what does she bring with her, and what kind of tips has she picked up along the way to stay healthy on the go? See below for some of our favorite celeb jet-setting secrets:


Whitney Tingle ~

"I've been known to travel with hemp seeds in my bag...perfect for adding a little extra plant protein to any meal. And easy in-flight skincare is a great way to fend off dry airplane air and arrive fresh-faced and bright-eyed. And how does a true Sakaralite travel? With two fresh Sakara meals and a kit full of clean snacks to enjoy on your trip."


Danielle Duboise ~

"I go makeup free on long flights to let my skin breathe. A refreshing spritz with rose is hydrating and calming. I put a few drops of oil of oregano  an antimicrobial herb  into my water or tea to keep my immunity up. Traveling can definitely throw my digestive system out of balance. Our probiotic blend has powerful active cultures plus antioxidants to keep me feeling my best."


Kate Hudson ~

Kate told StyleCaster that "the key to avoid falling sick while traveling is tons of water, water, water — and bring echinacea."


Catt Sadler ~

"I've found that hot yoga keeps my sleep regulated when traveling. It also helps alleviate the stress on my body from planes, trains and automobiles!"


Troian Bellisario ~

"One thing I notice traveling while so much is that I always get dehydrated. It’s tough to drink the amount of water necessary when you are folded up in a plane seat for five hours or going through customs and waiting for your bag. I just forget. Or I rely way to heavily on coffee to get me through shooting all night and going straight to LAX to make a flight. So my travel tip? My water container. I love the Swell brand, because it keeps water cool and has a great seal. I keep it empty when passing through security and customs and then fill it at the nearest restaurant before boarding."


Jourdan Dunn ~

The model told Into the Gloss"When I'm traveling on planes a lot, my skin can look really tired and dull, so I like to add vitamin C in to fix that. After that, I use Good Genes by Sunday Riley as a second serum. You can do it as a treatment mask, but I can’t really handle the burning sensation on my face."


Lacy Phillips ~

“When I’m traveling, the only things that get really messed up are my normal detoxification routines. Digestion always gets messed up, so I always bring bitters with me, no matter where I go. It's usually Urban Moonshine — they’re one of my favorite companies. I mediate no matter where I go. I'll have a few crystals or selenite. I'll always have something burning. I really am into copal right now, or palo santo just to ground. Those tools really pull me down and ground me.”


Alicia Keys ~

According to InStyle, the singer swears by SK-II face masks because "they are great to use when flying as they'll instantly hydrate my skin. I love it when I remember to do it, but I usually fall asleep and forget!"


Natalie Uhling ~

“Epsom Salt baths are life. They're so delicious — they take everything out of your body and flush all the toxins and lactic acid away. I'm always traveling, and as soon as I get off a plane, I have to go straight into an Epsom Salt bath, and then, I'm ready to roll."  


Gwenyth Paltrow ~

According to InStyle, GP recommends "drinking tons of water and try and stay rally well-moisturized but I'll also spritz colloidal silver all over the seat, because it's a natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Supplements-wise, I take loads of vitamin C and have this magnesium and calcium packet that I put in my water as magnesium is really calming on your nervous system. After a plan ride, I always try to have a good steam and sweat but more than anything my best advice is to wear sunglasses when you get off the plane!"

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