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Detox Citrus Margarita

[Detox Drops Margarita] Article Hero

There's nothing better than the sun's rays hitting your shoulders and grass nestled under your feet.

By Hannah Shanken

Jul 23, 2021

With those summertime pleasures in mind, meet this vibrant libation that rivals the sun's brilliance, then adds some green for good measure.

First, squeeze grapefruit and oranges—both rich in collagen-protecting vitamin C—and add a dash of organic tequila to play dirty. Then generously add lime zest for added anti-inflammatory benefits, thanks to lime rind's bioflavonoids and the phytochemical, limonene. Don't forget to add Detox Water Drops as the final flourish. There's a reason we carry a vial in every one of our beach bags all season; this hyper-pigmented, green supplement contains chlorophyll, a holistic remedy for tired skin, bloat, and sluggishness. It's life-force energy in a bottle. You can add directly to the elixir, or have fun and turn a tray of ice cubes into cooling, verdant healers.

  • 2-3 fresh squeezed oranges
  • 2-3 fresh squeezed grapefruits
  • 1 shot of organic tequila
  • dash of lime zest
  • ice
  • Optional: 1-2 dropperfuls of Detox Water Drops
  1. Mix fresh-squeezed orange juice, grapefruit juice, and tequila.
  2. Add ice (or detox ice, if you want to upgrade), sliced orange, and grapefruit to a glass.
  3. Pour in the mixture, and garnish with as much lime zest as desired.
  4. Top with one dropperful of Detox Water Drops, and stir.
  5. Add lime for garnish and a squeeze.

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