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30-Day Reset Questions, Answered

How Sakara's program can support your wellness goals

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We get a lot of burning questions about the 30-Day Reset and its body-nourishing, glow-inducing results.


Sep 16, 2022

While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, our best-selling four week program is backed by cutting-edge nutrition science and designed to ignite results.

If you’re curious how this program can support your unique wellness goals and journey, we’ve rounded up our top 10 frequently asked questions and answers from Colleen Coffey, Sakara’s Resident Nutritionist. Read on for all the information you need to kickstart your transformation.

Q: Will Sakara help me lose weight?

A: At Sakara, we approach weight loss in a sustainable and healthy way, and focus on the science of nourishing your body with enough of the right nutrients, and supporting an efficient metabolism and optimal gut environment, all of which are key for weight loss. When you eat Sakara meals—enriched with plenty of healthy fats, colorful, antioxidant-rich plant foods, whole foods, leafy greens and plant protein—you guide your body to shift from stagnant fat store storage mode into high-octane burn mode. 

Weight loss is also about your lifestyle: focus on quality of sleep, stress management and moving your body everyday to optimize your energy and support your physical goals.

Q: Will I feel less bloated?

A: Our goal is to get you to a comfortable place and reduce bloating, beginning with nutrition. We exclude many of the main food intolerance categories from our meals that are common causes for bloat, like dairy, eggs, and gluten. When you shift to consume nutrient-dense, plant-based, organic food will shift your microbiome and gut environment, too. 

Q: Will I experience refined carb or sugar cravings?

A: Technically, your body can survive on carbs or fats, but this will cause metabolic slow down, which contributes to weight gain, low energy, and bloat. Nourishing with whole foods on the 30-Day Reset will shift your metabolism over time, so it’s natural that you will experience cravings. Studies have found physical cravings to be a result of low-quality diet habits, poor eating patterns, and body composition. Emotional cravings are a biological reaction to the need for positive stimulus. When we give into our cravings, we are modifying our biology to become reliant on these quickly-absorbed, energy-dense foods. Be confident that as you continue to eat whole, organic, and nutrient-dense foods, your cravings will diminish in the long run.

Q: Is it okay to snack?

A: It can be difficult to tell if you actually need additional food or if snacking is just habitual. We encourage you to stick to three satiating meals a day to give your digestive tract and hormones a chance to reset before eating again. If you find yourself hungry before your next meal, tune into your body’s signals. Ask yourself if this is a psychological craving (coming from emotion or habit) or a physiological one (slow onset, with a feeling of low energy).

Q: What should I eat on days I don’t receive Sakara meals?

A: As you eat our meals throughout the program, your body is benefiting from the diversity of produce on your plate. You might notice yourself starting to crave fiber-rich produce, healthy fats, and satiating plant protein. Focus on eating as many organic fruits, vegetables, and whole grains as possible, and minimize your sugar and processed food intake. Try to get at least 4-5 plant sources at every meal. When in doubt, allow our Sakara Pillars of Nutrition to guide you in making healthy choices.

Q: Can I personalize or supplement my 30-Day Reset?

A: Each of our meals are nutritionally-designed to be rich in fiber, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, plant-based proteins, and healthy fats, which are essential for a well-functioning body and mind. For many people, our daily meals are more abundantly satiating. For others, they’re a foundation on which to customize. We also have a robust selection of plant-based meal add-ons, like our Signature Green Smoothie.

Q: What time will I be eating each day? Does Sakara follow intermittent fasting?

A: While we don’t follow a specific eating schedule, we encourage you to space your meals over the day to support digestive rest, blood sugar balance, and hormone health. The goal is to eat three well-rounded, satiating meals each day, with as-needed snacks. We suggest eating dinner no later than three hours before going to sleep for optimal digestion and rest. 

Intermittent fasting can be highly beneficial for the body to reduce inflammation and support metabolic function, but if you overextend the body’s capacity, this can lead to greater stress on the system.

Q: Will I experience detox symptoms?

A: Everybody is different, but you may experience some detox symptoms like fatigue, bloating, or headaches. This is a typical response when weaning your body off of stimulants like caffeine or refined food, and integrating whole foods into your diet. Stay hydrated (and add a boost of Sakara Beauty Water Drops for added cellular hydration), and move your body naturally. Soon you’ll instinctively start to crave the fiber-rich, nutrient-dense foods found in your Sakara meals.

Q: Can I drink alcohol on the 30-Day Reset?

A: For optimal results, we encourage you to remove stimulants like coffee, alcohol and refined sugar, and drinking heavily, as these take a major toll on your body, energy, sleep, and spirit. Our Resets work to support the natural cleansing of toxic built-up. Rather than focusing on what you are trying to remove, shift your mindset to what you’re adding to your life and well-being. When and if you do decide to drink—do so mindfully. Body intelligence is all about nourishing and building a body you can trust.

Q: Why do you call joy a nutrient?

A: One of our deepest beliefs is that joy is an essential ingredient to a wholly nourished life. Mindfulness and joy are linked to regulating cortisol levels, anxiety, and depression. Whether that means a plate brimming with rainbow-colored produce, an afternoon of pleasure with a loved one (or solo), or a side of fries on the weekend, we’re here for all of it.