The Sakara cookbook is finally here!

Recreate the Sakara experience in your own kitchen with our debut cookbook and lifestyle guide.

Eat clean

with beloved dishes from our meal delivery program and some new soon-to-be-favorites. Plus, learn the science behind Sakara's life-changing nutrition philosophy—and how to incorporate it into your routine.

Play dirty

with decadent desserts and creative cocktails. Because the Sakara Life is about finding balance, experiencing pleasure and enjoying food that makes you feel sexy.

These 100 recipes are:

Plant Based

Dairy Free

Gluten Free

Refined Sugar-Free

Just a taste

Danielle's Cocoa-Quinoa Cake Squares

Red Beet Burgers

Daydreamer Soba Noodle Bowl

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With this book as your guide, build a body you love—so you can get out there and really enjoy it.

“For anyone who ever thought healthy eating was boring. you need this book. Whitney and Danielle's Sakara recipes are not only incredibly good for you, they are fun and absolutely delicious. Make their Red Beet Burgers and Sedona Sunset Margaritas immediately.”

Katie Lee

"I work with each of my patients based on their health needs and personal choices - and truly believe that the best diet is very individual. When a patient follows a plant based lifestyle or is ready to incorporate more plant based meals, Eat Clean Play Dirty is my go-to cookbook."

Dr. Frank Lipman

“Sakara is the best gift you can give yourself. Plant based food that you will not only enjoy, but will nourish your body and make you feel your most vibrant energetic self. These recipes make eating clean easy and delicious”

Megan Roup

"The recipes in Eat Clean Play Dirty are designed to be incredibly delicious and super nutritious. I feel healthier and sexier when I eat a well balanced diet with Sakara! Let's play!"

Amber Valetta

"Eat Clean Play Dirty is the perfect book for anyone seeking to restore their microbiome and regain their health, one delicious recipe at a time. As the founder of Microbiome Medicine, I would love to see all of my patients follow a healthy, balanced food plan like the one that Whitney and Danielle have created here."

Dr. Raphael Kellman

"Sakara is such a good way for me to eat beautiful greens and plant-based foods that I otherwise wouldn't have time to prepare or have the knowledge to eat. It's packed with so many powerful vitamins and minerals. It keeps me feeling sexy and inspired to be the best I can be.... most of the time ;)"

Hilary Duff