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A Day in the Sakara Life: Lianna Tarantin, S-Life Mag Creative Director

6:45 AM: My alarm goes off…snooze, snooze, snooze… 8:00 AM: Finally I open my eyes! I turn on the Himalayan salt lamp next to my bed and check any missed texts as well as my Instagram feed to awaken my creative brain—I follow a lot of designers, magazines, artists and creatives so starting the day with some visual inspiration helps set the tone. I also like to do some stretches in bed. 8:15 AM: Get up and throw on my cherished Canal Street kimono, make my bed and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth, tongue scrape and wash my face with my Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel (I cleanse my face twice a day, morning and night, and always...

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A Day In The Sakara Life: Michelle Silverstein, Sakara Wellness Team

5:30 AM: It takes me about 20 minutes to really wake up (I'm a big fan of the snooze button) so my alarm goes off early. The first thing I do is a two-minute breathing meditation, and then make a cup of hot water with lemon and turmeric. I also pop my Botanical Body Formula probiotics—they work best on an empty stomach. I then quickly browse my emails and get ready for the gym. 6:30–7:30 AM: Hit the gym for a good workout—either a class or a long run. Working out is almost like morning coffee for me—it wakes me up and really gets me ready for the day. 8:30 AM: I walk to work every morning and call my...

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A Day In The Sakara Life: Tyler Harvey, Sakara Production Chef

6:00 AM: Wake up and do some spinal movements to get my blood flowing. Lately I’ve been trying out Taryn Toomey’s heart-clearing series as a gentle movement to wake my body up. I drink one glass of water and a shot of espresso and then check my emails. 6:30–7:00 AM: I hop on the to get going early to get those Sakara meals made! I like to take this quiet time to read or listen to a podcast—it helps me start my day feeling centered and relaxed. 8:00 AM: I make sure the kitchen is settled and then take my Botanical Body Formula probiotics, followed by my Sakara breakfast. Sometimes I'll freestyle it with leftover ingredients from past meals!...

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A Day In The Sakara Life: Amy An, Sakara VP Of Finance

6:30 AM: I wake up and give myself 5 to 10 minutes to ease out of bed. Then I do a 10-minute meditation with the app Headspace. Lately I’ve been trying out Ally Bogard’s quick meditations as well! 7:00 AM: After washing up, I straighten up and prepare my daughter's milk and water bottles for the day—she drinks a ton of water! 7:20 AM: My daughter and I have our morning ritual, which includes feeding her breakfast, reading a few books, playing with her toy of the day and watching a few dog videos on Instagram. It’s important to me that we spend some quality time together before the day gets going. 9:00 AM: I'm not a big breakfast eater...

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