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10 Heyday Facialists On How To Transition Your Skin Into Fall

The arrival of fall means a lot of things: it's officially leather jacket season (yesssss), you can switch from iced coffee to hot and apple-picking replaces going to the beach as a requisite weekend activity. Of course, it also means your fridge—and your Sakara meals—get an autumnal produce makeover. But while you know enough to swap summer corn and heirloom tomatoes for butternut squash and Brussels sprouts this time of year, did you know you're also supposed to switch up your skincare routine? And it's more than just amping up the moisture to keep up with the chillier temps and drier air.

We asked 10 experts from Heyday, our go-to spa in NYC, for their pro tips on seasonal skin pampering. Because an excuse to try out some new clean products = way more exciting than pumpkin spice lattes.

Alexandra: "As the days get shorter, people aren’t as SPF conscious, so they forget to put on a moisturizer and are dry as a bone! Just because you’re not in the sun all day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be wearing a moisturizer with SPF." 


    Hillary: "Listen to your skin!  Always work with Mother Nature and not against her.  My fall skin care mantra: masking and oils, masking and oils.  I love the One Love Organics Love Springs Eternal Serum in particular."


      Liana: "I will add in exfoliation to help my skin cells turn over and exfoliate on a deeper level to help reduce the weather damage on the skin. I especially like Naturopathica's Pumpkin Peel for exfoliation! It makes me feel like fall and gives the skin a great glow and helps to clear the skin."


        Michelle: "This time of year a lot of people come in with “post-summer skin” (can see the results of summer sun, sweat-clogged pores), so I would recommend coming in for a facial ASAP and to get a peel to shed the dead skin from summer - it also has added benefits like helping new products work better and smooths out the tone and texture of the skin (also aids anti-aging & dark spots!)"


          Yasmin: "The Naturopathica Sweet Cherry Brightening Enzyme Peel is phenomenal and so sensorial (Cherry enzymes! Wine extracts!) The brightening cherries help combat dark spots from a summer spent basking in the sun.  I prefer it twice a week - it is amazing to give you luminous skin! The salicylic acid is antibacterial so it is great to fight hormonal breakouts.  Also, who doesn’t love wine? The peel also has polyphenols in the wine extract that help with anti-aging by fighting free radicals. It’s a powerhouse at-home peel!"


            Gregory: "I recommend adding a weekly hydrating mask to your routine to help retain moisture in the skin as the weather gets more dry outside. The Alchimie Forever Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask is a great one to use as the temperature drops."


              Chrissy: "Step up your advanced exfoliation game. When you come in for your next facial, add microdermabrasion during treatment. At home you can start using products with hydroxy acids (AHAs) to help expedite this process."


                Romanka: "A great transitional tip is adding a pump of Naturopathica’s Aloe Mask to your facial oil at home.  It will boost your skin’s water content so when the air starts getting dryer it provides an extra hydration boost! It kind of creates a customized serum for your skin that hydrates + conditions! Still getting the conditioning benefits of the oil but helps protect you against the artificial heat that is blasted through the buildings this time of year."


                  Sue: "We should start integrating peels into our routines, particularly the Image Ormedic Lift enhancement at Heyday.  It lifts all the summer gunk stuck in your pores & is super gentle so there is no recovery time or redness like most peels!"


                    Rivka: "People kind of freak out in the fall as it gets cooler outside and start to think they’re so dry, so to avoid the flakiness and dryness of winter, think “fall layers”: layer a hydrating serum under your daily moisturizer to prevent dryness. Perfect transition routine as the weather transitions from muggy to crisp."

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