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Show Me Yours and I'll Show You Mine.

What does your Sakara look like?

Do you eat it outside in a park, or at your desk? Do you throw it in a wok to make a quick stir-fry, or even sneak in some fish? Do you share it with a friend, your lover or kids?

Show us what your Sakara looks like and we'll show you ours in the form of a chance to win a full day of delicious breakfast, lunch & dinner on us!

Take a picture of your Sakara Spring Meal and post it to Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #SakaraSpring for your chance to win a free day of food!

Snap away Sakaralites, the contest runs through April 25th.

Order your program here!

Give love, get love.

Nothing helps us enjoy the moment more than sharing it with the people we care about. We want to help make each meal you embark on a delicious retreat from the rest of your day - and we want you to bring along a friend to make it that much better!

Did you know that every time you refer a friend to Sakara, they receive 10% off of their order, and you receive a free day of food?! Come and bask in the Sakara glow together!

Because when you give a little, you get a whole lot in return.

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