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Meditation for Discovering Your Highest You

Find a quiet space around you and sit down comfortably. Close your eyes and breathe deep into your belly. In your mind, take yourself to a peaceful setting, either one that you’ve experienced personally or one that you create in the moment. We recommend a natural setting such as a summer meadow, a clear riverbank, an open field of wildflowers, or a fertile mountain peak. Take yourself to this space. Engage all of your senses. What do you see in this setting? What are the sounds, the smells, the tastes? Go through the senses and make a note of all the visceral experiences you can call to your mind. Try not to make too much of an effort, just let these sensations come to you. Now, watch as someone enters into this space. At first, you cannot tell who it is, but a feeling of complete and pure love rushes over you. You feel you have known this person for a lifetime. Watch as this person starts to approach you. With each breath he/she gets closer, until you notice the familiar shape of their face. It is you, standing before you, smiling.  Take note of the kindness in your own eyes, the gentility of this self before you, and the feeling of complete compassion this visage has for you. You are witnessing yourself as your beloved. As you picture yourself standing before you, smiling, accepting, open to possibility, see yourself speaking these words to you: “You are open to and accept the abundance of the universe. You are open to and accept your highest potential.” Let these words be repeated to you 10 times. After the tenth time, take 3 deep breaths, holding at the top of the inhale for 5 seconds, solidifying in yourself the knowledge of your personal power and the reality of unimaginable possibilities soon to be attracted into your life. **** Let us support you on your journey towards your highest self. Start with a five day program and notice the difference in the quality of your thoughts, your feelings, and ultimately your reality. lnvest in you, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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