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Unleash the Mother in You

We are all mothers.

Woman or man, old or young, the qualities that we associate with being a mom are innate aspects of our humanity. Often times, they lay buried, and it is a matter of stoking the maternal flames to bring out the nurturing part of the self.

Let’s get radical: being a mother is not about having children. In fact let’s disassociate parenting from the word entirely. What being a mother means is expressing compassion, acceptance, nurturing, and unconditional love. It is often easier to support others in this way, but the question is, are we able to mother ourselves?

As we get older and become unattached from our parents, the responsibility falls on us to mother ourselves. We must show up for ourselves as our greatest advocates of healthy and happy mind, body, and soul. To care for ourselves as if we were our own child. With such an all encompassing love present, there would be no room for self-criticism, doubt, or the negative mind chatter.

In order to best be able to give ourselves to others, as mothers so selflessly do, it is vital that we take care of ourselves. Turn selflessness inward. Make room for cultivating a healthy and happy self, for then you can more readily give yourself to others. In fact, the most selfless thing you can do is to first and foremost be the best mother that you can to your self.

For the rest of this mother-month, make active practice of showering yourself with your own maternal love. No matter how old you are and whether you have experienced being a parent or not, you are capable of supporting, honoring, and loving yourself. You are all you need and how incredible you are!

We honor the light that is within you, mother.

Visualize your maternal self.

Close your eyes and call to mind your five year old self. What does she/he look like? What are they wearing? Are they smiling? Laughing? Crying? Take a good look at the little you in your mind. Imagine her there, look her in the eye and hold her there.  Breathe into this little darling. The pure innocence and unabashed joy of you standing before you is still very much a part of you now. It is this self that you must continually embrace, guide, nurture, accept, and yes, love unequivocally.

When you find yourself thinking, speaking, and acting in a way that does not serve you or this version of yourself, gently and with compassion guide yourself back on track in the same gentle way you would lead this little you.

Sometimes, what we need the most is to be taken care of, to be nurtured by another, provided for. Sakara Life is here to embrace you. Let us help take care of you - we have designed the absolute best - and most delicious - way of doing so.

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