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Why We're Always Talking About SEXY.

We talk a lot about feeling sexy - in your body, in your clothes, in your own skin; with the people around you, through the activities you practice, from the food you eat. You can feel your sexiest first thing in the morning —morning breath and bed head included -, drenched in post-gym sweat, or all dolled up for a night out. The bottom line is this: it’s not about cleavage or skirt length, but rather it's about carrying yourself with strength, poise, and an awareness of your unwavering sexiness.

Radical body love - not criticizing body size.

To feel sexy is to feel powerful in your own unique skin, regardless of size, age, and gender. Confident, yes, but, a confidence that is rooted in a feeling of unconditional self love. To practice true appreciation for and ownership of yourself in entirety and to consciously tap into your potential of true freedom to be you without any excuses for how you were made. The space that you hold in this universe is a space that belongs to you in order to explore how you want to be. This body of yours is a powerful vessel and that truth does not depend on whether or not it looks like someone else. You have the ability to inspire those around you by letting your sexiness shine.

Take the time to send some gratitude to and to explore your natural sexiness. Find awe in its nooks and crannies, shapes and sizes, smells and tastes, so that the rest of the world can come to see and feel what this unapologetic power truly means.

The world needs more of your light - don’t stifle it through feelings of self-doubt, worry, and critique. When you allow it to shine and you allow it to truly come through - there is not a soul in this world that can deny how sexy you are!

Next week we are pairing up with our sisters over at Model Fit to engage in a week devoted to celebrating and owning your body for all that it is. Join us for this special 5-day program including daily Sakara + Model Fit classes to cleanse, tone, nourish, and LOVE your body from head to toe.

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