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Oh, Sugar Sugar.

Anti-sugar is the new black. 

But why? Is it actually essential that everyone avoid all sugars everywhere all the time? Even the raw variation that comes in the cute little brown package? What about “healthy” substitutes such as stevia? And the natural sugars in fruits? With summer beckoning us to come out and play, we cannot wait for beach side drinks, BBQs in the backyard, fresh fruit smoothies, and ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, and the last thing we want to do is hurt our beautiful, hard-working, powerful bodies...

In 2009 Robert Lustig was the first brave sole to suggest that sugar was the villain behind the failing health of western America. He used the words “toxin” “poison” and “evil” when describing its relationship to our bodies. Though extreme, Lustig made a few valid points that doctors, nutritionists, and wellness influencers are concurring with today: our bodies cannot metabolize sucrose - the form of table sugar and corn syrups - in the same way that it can other carbs such as breads and pastas (purely glucose based). Sucrose is a combination of fructose and glucose. The fructose component is metabolized solely by the liver, while glucose is metabolized by every cell in the body, functioning as sustainable forms of energy rather than quick bursts of “sugar highs”. Studies have shown that when large amounts of fructose are sent to the liver at high speeds — eating a lot of sugar at one time — the liver converts it into fat and one becomes susceptible to insulin resistance, which can eventually lead to diabetes and obesity.

At Sakara, we eliminate all added sugars because we are experts in creating juicy, tantalizing, totally lust-worthy foods using nothing but mother earth's natural, low-glycemic sweets. We fill our bodies with health-promoting greens, cleansing vegetables, nutrient dense super foods, and hydrating, beautifully vibrant whole foods that keep our bodies lean and mean! We avoid processed and chemically derived foods always - no bags with scary words on them - and when weekends, celebrations, and late nights call, we play and we enjoy every delicious bite of that playtime, trusting that when we take care of our bodies, our bodies will surely return the favor.

Like all things - even you, green juice - sugar is something that must be enjoyed in moderation. Rest assured, enjoying that slice of pie or a fruity cocktail in the sun will not kill you. If you are healthy and treat your body with loving, clean, whole foods the vast majority of the time, it will do nothing more than give your taste buds a sticky treat and your soul a tune to dance along to. What matters is that you are mindfully making choices with knowledge of what you are putting into your body, so that you can choose healthful options most of the time. And when you choose to treat yourself to that long-awaited ice cream cone from your childhood, then it is your responsibility to fill your body with so much LOVE that those toxins don't stand a darn chance!

It’s about moderation in everything, including moderation. 

And never, ever forgetting that you, dear sakaralite, are naturally more delicious and undoubtedly more decadent than any dessert could ever hope to be.

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