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Aphrodisiac Food is Dirty.

Literally.  It’s dirty.  You know, it’s covered in real dirt!


What I’m into eating is food that I’ve deemed “sensual food.”  I’ve had to make this distinction quite a few times.  This category title doesn’t translate into what we all know of as “aphrodisiacs.”  This food is the kind that not only stimulates all of your senses, it ignites all of your senses!


For example, I can tell you that when I bite into a big, juicy (and crunchy) apple that is bursting with flavor, I feel alive.  


Now, let’s consider the five senses.  My favorite are these gorgeous apples, called cripps pink, also known as a pink lady.  For the eyes, this pretty little treat has bright pink skin.  If you’re not a fan of pink, I’d have to say the granny smith green apples can be just as stunning.


There is something so satisfying about hearing that initial crunch as my teeth puncture the firm skin and sweet flesh!  This auditory stimulation is undeniable.


Needless to say, our taste buds are tantalized by the tangy, sweet or tart flavor!  It’s such a thrilling surprise, like opening a gift.  What will we taste after biting into this gift from nature? A pink lady apple has a sweet aroma.  Have you ever been lured into a kitchen with an apple pie baking in the oven?  I’ve certainly experienced my mouth watering as I inhale the sweet smell of apples.


Is it gratifying to touch your food?  When you were younger, did you mother ever snap a shot of you with those sexy green peas splattered all over your high-chair and face?  I have a feeling you have a mental image of a messy meal time photo, and you’re the star!  Playing with food is always a great time.  If you haven’t done this in a while, it’s highly suggested. The smooth skin of an apple is pleasing to the touch...not to mention the texture you encounter on your lips!  


It’s clear that real foods can be quite sensual.  They truly engage all of your senses.  Think of your favorite sensual food.  Apples are exciting, but there are so many.  If it grew in soil, or was outdoors in it’s early years, exposed to the elements-it’s certainly a sensual food.  If it makes it’s way into your kitchen, carrying a bit of dirt, you can be sure you’re getting the good stuff.   


It’s always nice to have a running list of these foods in the kitchen.  I like to add to this list frequently.  Beets another incredible example.  They’re absolutely beautiful!  Cut a raw beet in half.  The pattern inside is magnificent; the color of the juice is deep and rich.  When you really take a moment to notice all of the beauty of real, live and dirty food, you may find yourself in awe.  When you do, dive in and let your senses come alive!


LanaShay is the Sensual Foodist.  She believes in enjoying the food that engages all of our senses.  For over a decade, she has dedicated her life to discovering optimal nourishment and sharing the best results.  Sensual food (aka Real food) is the best ingredient to a juicy love life and having the energy to live each day to it’s fullest! Lana is passionate about meeting french bulldogs, discovering new fruit sweetened desserts, traveling to exotic destinations,  and teaching couples how to eat orgasmic and feel incredible.

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