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Inside the Fitist Network: Meet Danielle.

Sakara Life is an Organic Meal Delivery program founded on the principle that eating clean and whole (not through liquid diets or strict calorie counting) will lead to a healthy, happy body and life. The company founders, Whitney and Danielle, grew up together in Sedona, Arizona where Danielle says they started Sakara in 7th grade. It was in their hometown that they were introduced to the benefits of natural eating and holistic health.

Danielle’s desire to create Sakara Life stemmed from her need to find a way to find a healthy relationship between food and her body. As a young model and actress who was applying to med school, she discovered her calling. Today, the Sakara co-founder loves taking fitness classes, taking road trips, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You can find her at Rose Bar on Saturday nights, or her favorite restaurant, The Butcher’s Daughter.

Read on to learn more about Sakara Life, clean eating and Danielle’s tricks for a healthier lifestyle.

Tell us about the path that led you to launching Sakara Life: We started Sakara in the 7th grade, when we met, seriously. The company is a direct manifestation of our life lessons, our friendship, our experiences in Sedona and our desire to help people feel amazing in their bodies. We knew from a young age that we were here to make a splash. Whitney's path is different from mine- her need to build Sakara came from experiencing the lack of health in the corporate world. My path came from a need to find a way to have a healthy, loving relationship to food and my body. Together, we're changing the world one salad at a time! 

Have you always been a healthy eater? Yes and no. I've gone to the depths of extreme clean eating, from water fasting to 100% RAW to vegan. We grew up around health-conscious eaters in Sedona, AZ so the emphasis on healthy, mindful eating has always been there. Now, I have found a beautiful balance between eating vibrant, fresh foods and listening to my body and my cravings. Guilt-free eating is so important- be proud of what you're putting in your body. 

 What are your top tips for someone looking to improve their diet? 

1. There's a lot of info out there on what's healthy- but if you just stick (mostly) to the basic whole food group (meaning comes from the Earth, not processed), it's pretty easy to figure out what to eat.

2. Food is there to nourish you, so let it. It took me a long time to figure out that food can (and should) make you feel AMAZING.  

3. Listen to your body and relax. If you really want that double fudge brownie, have a couple bites- it's not the end of the world unless those couple bites turn into a couple dozen brownies. And even then- you'll be ok.  

4. Have fun with your food- if you don't feel sexy eating it, put it away. 

 What is your typical fitness routine?: I love classes, usually if I go to the gym alone I convince myself that my time is better spent elsewhere. I love the energy of a room full of sweaty, motivated people; it gets me through a workout. Some of my favorites are Physique 57, Jivamukti yoga, and SLT. I just tried 305 Fitness and loved it! I'll do a class twice a week and run a few times a week (1-2 miles as fast as I can). When I workout alone, it's gotta be quick... so on my off days I still always do something- abs, push-ups, squats etc. 

Workout gear of choice: I'd love to be one of those girls that busts out matching gear at the gym, but I'm just not. I'm lucky if I can find matching socks. I'm a fan of lululemon leggings and a t-shirt. Maybe I'll work on my gym outfits- I'm a believer that if you feel sexy everything gets done bigger and better!

Your typical Saturday night: Dancing my butt off at Rose Bar in The Gramercy Park Hotel. It's the best place in the City for that. 

Your favorite travel destination: I'm really into road trips right now. I've been lucky enough to have travelled internationally, now I'm craving a convertible and a long windy road. I want to get to know America, it's a big place. 

Favorite Restaurant: I LOVE The Butcher's Daughter in Nolita, fresh, local food and beautiful atmosphere. 

Your Guilty Pleasure: My guilt-free pleasure is chocolate, everyday. Between my boyfriend and I, we probably go through a bar of it every day. Mast Brother's is our favorite. ALWAYS dark... Ever tried their vanilla and smoke flavor?! 

How do you find your best? Things just keep getting better, so I find my best by trusting that I'm right where I should be. Sakara has been an amazing platform, allowing us to share our passion for helping other people find their best, so for me, when I know our food has helped someone find love by healing their relationship to themselves and their body, there's honestly no better feeling in the world.  I say my mantra- "I love and approve of myself exactly as I am right now" and I always find time to eat greens and do some sort of blood pumping workout everyday- even if it's a kale leaf and 20 push-ups. 

Interview taken from Fitist

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