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Mix It Up With That Magic Ingredient of LOVE

Have you ever read the ingredients of a divine delicacy and noticed they list LOVE as one of the main ingredients? I’m thinking of all the insanely delicious Sakara meals that come boasting grams and grams of pure Sakara L-O-V-E. It’s like a little piece of bliss that I can put in my mouth - is it because of the LOVE? What’s the deal? Do they really put LOVE in their food?  Is it really possible?  Does that stuff come bottled? And if so, can I get a double please??

Well, I’ll share a little secret with you, I cook with love every time I’m in the kitchen! 

Ever heard of Dr. Masaru Emoto's Water Experiments? Dr. Emoto is an incredible man from Yokohama, Japan who hired photographers to capture the physical effects of prayers, words, music and environment on water on a microscopic level.

His findings will leave you awestruck.  The frozen water formed crystalline structures that revealed the profound effect of vibrations with intention.  The structures inside of a bottle of water with the words “I hate you” written on it were distorted and chaotic. Imagine a deformed snowflake with no pattern.

Conversely, imagine a beautiful snowflake with perfect symmetry, complex and colorful.  Something so gorgeous you would hang it on your wall to admire everyday. These crystalline structures came from inside of a bottle with the words, “ I LOVE YOU,” written on it.

This wasn't the only instance.  Every single positive, loving intention and affirmation showed similar results - beauty and complexity.  Negative and hateful consistently had the exact opposite effect - distorted, chaotic structures that were unpleasant to the eye.

Look back at the ingredients of your favorite meals again.  Can they really make that delicious piece of heaven with love?  The truth is - they sure can.

If you’re eating fresh fresh, organic, whole foods with high water content, there’s no doubt that prayers, loving intentions and words can change the molecular structure into something that tastes and feels absolutely amazing.  How about that big green salad?  A warm bowl of creamy soup?  One fresh, juicy red strawberry...these foods all have a high water content that absorb the emotions that get put into them during creation.

Next time you sit down to eat, take a moment to appreciate the many hands that brought that food to your table and all the elements that created it from seed to harvest. You’re putting LOVE into it! Love that is changing the molecular structure of the dish and nourishing your body and soul.

LanaShay is the Sensual Foodist.  She believes in enjoying the food that engages all of our senses.  For over a decade, she has dedicated her life to discovering optimal nourishment and sharing the best results.  Sensual food (aka Real food) is the best ingredient to a juicy love life and having the energy to live each day to it’s fullest!

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