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Stop and Taste the Strawberries

We live in a very progressive culture, with progress as the reigning queen. We measure success by goals achieved, to-do’s crossed off, and external acknowledgement of our achievements. Getting from A to B as quickly as possible is a proof of efficiency, intelligence, and the ability to downright hustle. There’s apps for skipping the small stuff and fast-tracking life, and all of these pushes to move forward and move forward QUICKLY makes it so that we are able to accomplish more things in one day than was ever previously possible.

Though bettering ourselves and the world around us is top priority in our hearts, none of it is work it if we don't take gentle care to enjoy each step that we take (lest we end up moving so quickly that our feet don’t touch the ground!). Reaching a destination, both physically and internally, is an amazing feeling, but all of its worth, success, and sustainability is directly related to how much we savor the experience of the journey.

There is a Zen Buddhist parable that tells of a man dangling on the side of a cliff from a vine. He was chased by tigers onto the cliffside, and they wait for him to climb back up. He looks down and sees another group of hungry tigers circling down on the shore beneath him. Then, he notices a mouse a few above him gnawing at the vine. He then looks right in front of him and notices a cluster of strawberries growing out of the rock face. Tigers above, tigers below, the certainty of death. He decides that he will eat the strawberries, and they prove to be the most magical, most delicious strawberries he has ever tasted. A true joyous experience not to be rushed by where he can— and cannot— go.

This ability to remain ever present in the now, balanced with the strive and motivation to continually grow and show up as the best version of self takes practice, patience, and a whole lot of faith. A big part of our Best Body Challenge is to enjoy the entire four week experience. Yes, there is an end date and yes there are goals, but the path of living healthy, enjoying the benefits of eating clean, and relishing in your most beautiful body can last a lifetime, and is more likely to last a lifetime if you experience and enjoy the journey fully. If your end goal is to feel GOOD in your body, then feel GOOD in your body from day 1. Treat each day, each meal, each breath as something beloved and treasured, and you will witness your life changing as you feel confident, sexy, and strong!

Step by step we create our path that takes us right where we need to be. As long as we show up as our best selves for each footfall, where we end up will be simply perfect.

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